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What if we Transform all your Team-Members in to Good Software bAnalyst?

Every team-member can suggest a great software system, which will increase the performance at least 5 times and reduce the cost at least to half.

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What if we Transform all your Team-Members in to Good Software bAnalyst?

3 important roles we train for:

  1. Initiating the Software Project:
  2. Firstly, bAnalyst has to work with the stakeholders or key business partners to study the software development and operations and identify preliminary issues pertaining to the problem. Then it is decided whether to fund the software development project or not. If decided to fund the software development project then the next step is to formulate and communicate the vision for the project and plan road-map of the project meetings with key stakeholders and business executives.

    Next step is brainstorming sessions, perform gap analysis and look into the problem at different angles. There needs to be prepared documentation of both the functional and nonfunctional requirements. One of the most important parts of the Business Analysis process is to avoid the “Unnecessary” which saves time and money.

  3. Spelling out the Details of the Software Development Project:
  4. After kicking off the project, the second step is to elaborate all the details and requirements to the implementation team and help them understand the technical aspects of the solution.

    Based on the requirements and details the following is created:

    1. Prototype
    2. Use Cases
    3. Wireframes
    4. Mockups
    5. Screens
    6. SRS (System Requirements Specification)
    7. BRD (Business Requirements Documents)
    8. Data or Process Models (for large projects)

    When the technical team has all the details about what is to be designed and starts implementing the software development solution, and the stakeholders and business executives are signed off, bAnalyst’s role shifts from an active one to reactive one.

  5. Supporting the implementation of the Software Development Project:
  6. BA’s are not involved directly in this phase. Now, BA’s role is just to support the implementation process unless any new requirement occurs in between the process.

    After the implementation has been done, the active role of bAnalyst begins again. BA conducts functional and usability testing of the implemented software development solution and recommends corrective and preventive actions, if necessary. BA works with stakeholders to validate the requirements via reviews, walkthroughs and play acting.

    During the implementation process if new needs or requirements occur, the bAnalyst may initiate new process and then this cycle will repeats.

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What if we Transform all your Team-Members in to Good Software bAnalyst?

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enhancing mobility

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