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Multi-Channel Marketing: A Tablet PC Driven #mDetailerⓇ Success Phenomenon

This Talk will explore best practices in linking online #mDetailerⓇ to rep-based tablet PC detailing, thus transforming traditional pharmaceutical marketing practice.

Many physicians consider the product information they received from reps to be "biased," and almost half said the timing of sales calls are inconvenient. It would be extremely remiss of pharmaceutical marketers to continue investing all efforts into traditional #mDetailerⓇ without addressing this problem. As physicians are frustrated with current paper detailing methods, the combination Internet and tablet PC in the hands of the “live” sales rep/pharmaceutical marketing rep offers an innovative way to add value to the physician learning experience and fill the gaps that are left between rep visits.

Frustrated with lack of medical information that they receive from traditional sources, doctors are turning to the web to aid in their information search. Physicians predominantly seek medical information online in the evenings, and weekends. The implication is that home time is not "lost time" and pharmaceutical marketing professionals can take advantage of this to build relationships with their targeted physicians after office hours.

Physicians who refuse to see sales reps in their offices often say "yes" to online details, offering pharmaceutical marketing professionals a way to reach these doctors and influence their prescribing behavior. More recent studies have shown that many physicians are interested in participating in #mDetailerⓇ and receiving product information via the internet, even if they have not yet had the opportunity to do so.

Tablet PC detailing or Closed Loop Marketing, is a proven phenomenon that empowers the pharma company with a tool to enrich the sales reps’ presentation to the prescriber, drive segmented messages to the right doctors at the right time, monitor compliance with brand messaging, and provide for a powerful analytical and predictive modeling tool.

The sales rep/physician interaction: Experts in adult learning theory and how physicians in particular learn from sales rep interactions have assimilated an algorithmic approach to the interactive #mDetailerⓇ that allows the sales rep to automatically gather data about the “learning stage” of the physician. This is interwoven with different interactive mechanisms as the product information is ‘revealed’ or requested for by the physician. Additionally, dynamic brand message acceptance information can be delivered back to pharmaceutical marketing teams for analysis and transformation into modified “messaging” for future encounters.

Segmented Messaging: Prescribers can be segmented on multiple dimensions at a much more granular level beyond the current one-dimensional sales deciles. Modifications of segmented and targeted information can be passed from sales call to sales call. This cycle is repeated over and over again with the physician engaging in the process more as a learning experience and not as being “detailed” by a sales rep.

What this Means to the Various Stakeholders

Through this innovative approach, pharmaceutical brand teams will have more knowledge about field force activity and prescriber reaction to brand messages. The sales rep will better understand where the physician is on the “learning curve” relevant to a given brand or pharmaceutical product. The prescribing physician will not feel the traditional detail but rather is immersed in a learning experience which can drive behavioral change.

The tablet PC/#mDetailerⓇ platform has the potential to transform the traditional pharma business model, where a sales call, delivered via any channel, can become a more productive, less expensive marketing action, requiring lower commitment of resources around pharmaceutical marketing plans. This will allow marketers to reach broader audiences and achieve more rapid returns on their efforts.

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Multi-Channel Marketing: A Tablet PC Driven #mDetailerⓇ Success Phenomenon

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