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Pharma Marketing Manager’s, Focusing on Traditional Problem-Area of, “Generating more Rep-Time”. Today’s “Digital-Age”, have Generated “New Opportunities”, to “Influence: Doctors/Physicians”, which requires a “totally New Mindset”.

Hire Digital Marketing Consultant for Pharma!

To Set-up: Digital-Marketing-Department. Includes: Providing-Employees and Guiding Result-Oriented-Agency selection.
Pharma Digital Marketing Consultant : Ajit: +91 9820621021

1. Introduction:

As we all know India enjoys an important position in global pharmaceutical sector. In India this sector is among the future economy drivers. It has grown in the form of pharmaceutical science thrrough research and development. This profession has a large socio economic relevance to the indian economy.
Now Digital has transformed the pharma and health care industry in many ways like transparency, patient communication and drug development.Due to unrivalled cost-effectiveness digital marketing strategies offers a variety of meaningfull ways to connect and treat prospective clients and customers. The key trends and tactics of digital marketing will help marketers in pharma industry to promote, engage and grow.

Digital Marketing importance is currently being realized by a lot of pharma companies and they have started investing into it. Today, across the world, a lot of pharma companies are moving towards more sustainable means of marketing and advertising. It has become imperative for pharma professionals also to upskill or cross-skill, or perhaps explore a different career altogether. There is a high demand for pharma professionals who are equipped with digital marketing skills. A successful digital marketing pharma professional is the one who is self-motivated to learn about the latest trends.

moPharma provides one of the best Digital Marketing Consultancy for Pharma, which helps Pharma-Companies To Set-up: Digital-Marketing-Department. Includes Providing Quality Employees (Digital-Marketing Experts in Pharma Industry). Also provides Guidelines and Support to select, Best-Result-Oriented-Vendors and Agencies. moPharma helps his clients to move further up on the success ladder using Digital-Marketing-Tools, 360-degree.

We make Marketing-Managers in the organisation, a thorough understanding of Each-Tool of Digital Marketing, so they can exposure to all the tools to its fullest with perfect sincronizacion.

On 1st level of Consultation: we guide Marketing-Managers to design digital marketing strategy and execution for, Specific Product Branding and Promotion of a Pharma Company.

On 2nd level of Consultation: we motivate Marketing-Managers to design digital marketing strategy on their own and parallelly guide them for Perfect-Implementation.

On the 3rd level of Consultation: the Marketing-Managers become capable they start designing and implementing perfect digital marketing strategy for a Pharma Product, on their own.

moPharma also conduct an Audit to certify the Digital-Marketing-Department as Digital-Marketing-360.

For this Digital-Marketing-360 Certification : the Marketing-Managers must execute 1 campaign using all the tools of Digital Marketing on their own. From Strategy-Designing to Execution.

Our Digital Marketing Consultancy in Mumbai offers one of the Best Digital Marketing Consultancy for Pharma. It is an absolute Digital marketing consultancy that covers all modules of pharma digital marketing. This Process is certainly designed to help pharma-companies and pharma marketing-managers, get complete understanding of Digital Marketing and help the organisation to enhance their current market-share, in order to transition into new roles at work, and widen their horizon of knowledge.

• Transforming your DM Employees, by providing knowledge of all the DM Tools, with Practical-Implecations

The Consultancy-Process consists of: on-job assignments, along with the information about all the tool of Digital Marketing. To experience the working of every tool in a better way, in the field of Pharma Industy. Each on-job assignment will be a complete Digital-Marketing-Campaign, pertaining to one Product or Brand.

• Case-Studies of Internation and National Organisations

Case-Studies of Internation and National Organisations are discussed. It will give an in and out understanding of the tool with respect to client , budget, product/service and target audience, of Pharma Industry.

• not only Technical-Information but also Guidance

As per on-job assignments pertaining to DM-Campaingn, provided in this Consultation; it will help Marketing-Managers to understand which stream (tool) they should focus in Digital Marketing. We will guide them for working on different tools of digital marketing.

2. Digital-Marketing-360 Certification:

With other Consultancies, you will only be getting a guidance, but with us, you will be benefited with Digital-Marketing-360 Certification in Pharma Digital Marketing, So the organisation will never struggling in the market for implementing all the tools of Digital-Marketing with perfect syncronisation.

Digital-Marketing-360 Certification will help the Organisation to establish additional skills set in this arena and keep the Organisation ahead of the rest. A Digital-Marketing-360 will be a welcome add-on for organisation to attract quality Digital-Marketing Employees.

3. Future of Pharma Digital Marketing:

Choosing moPharma-Digital-Marketing-Consultancy is the best decision because their is plenty of room for organisation to impose activities. This is a field that’s ever-changing and engaging. There’s always something new to learn. As we all know that in the present time of 2020, Digital marketing is at the boom. In the future, the demand for digital marketing professionals is going to increase. With us, you will face no challenge to attract Quality-Employees.

Pharma Digital Marketing is on high demand with the Digital Revolution. In a very short span of time, ROI with Pharma Digital Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more businesses are focusing on Digital Marketing to grow their business. With the demand for digital marketing, outweighing the competition, there are plenty of opportunities to capture and rule the Market for your Product. Digital Marketing has not only helped businesses to extend their horizon but has also provided Opportunity to rule the market.

4. Consultation Charges:

Structure Fees
3 Months
Rs 20,000/-
(+18% GST)
6 Months Rs 35,000/-
(+18% GST)

5. 360 degree coverage for Digital Marketing:

1. Content Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

3. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

4. Data Analysis and Reporting

5. Reputation Marketing

6. Email Marketing

7. Video Marketing

8. Google Ads

9. Pay Per Click(PPC)

10. Remarketing

6. Skill India:

We have registered with Central-Government's Skill-India Association (TP052160). We have plenty of Skilled-Resources for Digital-Marketing, which you might willing to absorb. We will train (customised) the resources exactly to serve your kind of company, with your kind of products, to reach your kind of target-audiance. So you will save your Hiring and Training Cost and Time. We have gurukul style of implication in our training and also in our book where we try to understand the passion, qualities, capabilities, technical skills and communication skills of the candidates and design their path of career accordingly.

7. Contact:

Phone: Ajit: +91 9820621021

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