•   Technologies

    • iPhone Application Development

      iOS is perhaps the latest buzz in the application development world. moPharma offers end-to-end iPhone application development services and has a team of expert iOS developers who stand out for their depth of technical knowledge and delivery excellence. Our veteran iPhone experts have a detailed understanding of the Apple platform and posses proven expertise in various tools, technologies and languages such as iPhone SDK, Titanium for cross-platform development, PhoneGap, JSON, XML, Xcode IDE, Mac OS X, Objective-C, Database and Location API etc.

      The key benefits include:
      • iPhone applications give the opportunity to access information easily from anywhere where access to the internet is available
      • It helps promote your brand
      • It maximizes your approach towards the niche market
      • It engages your prospects within your business persuasively and strongly
      • It is a cost-effective marketing tool

      Our iOS Application Development Services include:
      • Customize iPhone Application Development
      • Cross Platform iPhone Application Development
      • Location-based iPhone Application Development
      • Social Networking iPhone Application Development
      • Mobile Gaming iPhone Application Development
      • Entertainment and Multimedia iPhone Application Development
      • Backup and Restore Applications for iPhone
      • SMS Gateway Application Development
      • iPhone Mobile Apps Porting Solution
      • iPhone Mobile Data Synchronization Solutions
      • iPhone Mobile Advertising Applications
      • iPhone Mobile VoIP Apps Solutions
      • Hybrid iPhone Application Development
      • Web-based iPhone Application Development
      • Native iPhone Application Development
      • iPhone Application Development for Ecommerce Solutions
      • iPhone Apps Testing and QA Services

      moPharma Advantage
      • Interactive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
      • Premium Quality Apps at the most nominal costs
      • Complete assurance of superior quality services
      • An industry best team of iPhone experts dedicatedly working for you
      • World class security measures and NDA for project confidentiality
      • 100% data and IP protection
      • Solid technical support

    • Android Application Development

      Android a fastest growing operating system for smart phone devices has been popular with its each update. moPharma a well-known android development company renders qualitative android application development solutions to enterprises across the globe. Our Android developers utilize plethora of Android development tools to explore unlimited product development possibilities and are well-aware about all the ins and outs associated with the custom Android app development.

      The benefits of Android Application Development include:
      • Building android applications requires comparatively less investment than other mobile app development platforms
      • Creating or setting-up Android based system or Android development environment requires a minimal or almost no investment
      • The development tools are available for free to the developers
      • Being a free and open source development platform it facilitates building of advanced and cutting-edge applications and also is most suitable for inter-application integration of all types
      • Android doesn’t impose any strict restrictions when it comes to development of applications and developers can create numerous applications without acquiring any license expenses

      Our Android Application Development Services:
      • Custom Android Applications development
      • Cross Platform Android Application
      • Location-based Android Applications
      • Social Networking based Android Application
      • Gaming Android Applications
      • Entertainment and Multimedia Applications
      • Backup and Restore Android Application
      • SMS Gateway Application Development
      • Mobile Advertising Applications
      • Android VoIP Apps Solutions
      • Hybrid Android Mobile Solution
      • HTML5 Android Mobile Application
      • Web-based Android Mobile Applications
      • Native Android Applications
      • Android Based Mobile Ecommerce Solutions
      • Android Application Testing and QA Services

      Why moPharma?
      • An industry team of Android developers dedicatedly working for you
      • Dazzling and high-tech applications using all the latest development tools and technologies
      • Competitive pricing
      • Proven methodologies
      • Seamless communication
      • 24*7 technical support

    • Windows Mobile app Development

      Windows Mobile is Microsoft’s compact operating system for smart phone and mobile handsets. moPharma provides Windows Mobile Application Development services to our clients capitalizing on its working experience on Visual Studio and Microsoft .Net applications and has helped enterprises leverage the platform for addressing numerous business challenges. Our expert team of Windows Mobile application developers is equipped with the latest mobile development trends and technology for delivering the complete contemporary mobile solutions using the latest Windows Mobile SDK for the new age Windows Mobile handsets and tablet devices.

      The benefits of Windows Mobile Application Development include:
      • Windows Mobile offers applications like Power Point mobile, Excel mobile, Word mobile and Microsoft Office mobile which are widely used by businesses
      • The total cost of ownership is less compared to other Mobile Apps development platforms
      • Windows Mobile is .Net based and brings in the Microsoft advantage in the Windows Mobile Development process
      • Windows Mobile offers more possibilities for Line of Business Application Development and Management
      • Enables deployment tools for smoother implementation

      Our Windows Mobile Offerings include:
      • Custom Windows Mobile Apps Development
      • Cross Platform Windows Mobile Application
      • Location-based Windows Mobile Application
      • Windows Mobile Social Networking Apps
      • Windows Mobile Gaming Applications
      • Entertainment and Multimedia Applications for Windows Mobile
      • Backup and Restore Applications for Windows Mobile
      • SMS Gateway Windows Mobile Apps
      • Windows Mobile VoIP Apps Solutions
      • Web-based Windows Mobile Apps
      • Windows Mobile Apps Testing & QA Services

      moPharma Advantage
      • Windows Mobile Application Development through extensive research and out-of-the-box thinking
      • Strong Windows Mobile Application Development team
      • High-quality development standards and methodologies
      • Expertise in C# and .Net framework for rich Windows App experience
      • Cost-effective development and timely delivery

    • PhoneGap Development

      PhoneGap is a mobile-centric application development framework that allows development of cross-platform mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. moPharma provides expertly tailored cross-platform mobile applications using PhoneGap which include dynamic applications like ecommerce websites, enterprise websites, marketing apps, apps for travel and tourism industry, social networking etc. The team of PhoneGap designers and developers at moPharma provides brilliant mobile web solutions implementing various customized and optimized features to achieve your business objectives.

      The benefits of PhoneGap include:
      • PhoneGap supports different mobile apps versions for mobile platforms
      • Free and open source project under MIT license
      • Faster and easier mobile apps can be developed using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript without using Objective-C
      • Supports Geo location, vibration, accelerometer, photos, contacts, offline storage and more
      • PhoneGap developers can leverage the native capabilities of the device to run in multiple platforms using a single source code

      Our PhoneGap Development Services Include
      • A complete mobile solution for your business using PhoneGap
      • Applications specially customized to meet your business requirements
      • Redesigning or re-architecting existing mobile applications
      • Creating mobile versions of existing ecommerce or online businesses
      • Plug-ins development using PhoneGap

      moPharma Advantage
      • Cross platform compatible apps that run seamlessly on iOS for iPhone, Androids and Windows Mobiles too
      • Highly experienced PhoneGap developers with years of experience
      • Quality tested functional apps that are instantly available for download and ready to use
      • Mobile apps with high-quality standards that are compliant with W3C standards
      • Consulting services for effective marketing and monetization of your app

    • ASP.net Microsoft Technologies

      Being a Microsoft Development Partner and a leading ASP.NET Web Application Development company, moPharma have proven expertise in building hundreds of websites and applications using web forms and numerous .NET design patterns including ASP.NET MVC. Our team of highly proficient ASP.NET programmers has successfully deployed complex web applications using a wide range of Microsoft technologies and languages like VB.NET, C#, C++, MS SQL and ASP.NET.

      Some of the Key Benefits offered by ASP.NET for Web development include but is not limited to:
      • Easy to deploy since it consists of in-built configuration data
      • ASP.NET has the incredible feature of reducing the overall lines of code which are required to develop large applications
      • The ASP code and HTML blend well with each other to create dynamic web pages
      • ASP.NET consists of WYSIWYG editor tool which is available by default with the Visual Studio IDE
      • ASP.NET boasts of early binding, caching services along with native optimization for high-quality performance and superb execution
      • The .Net framework is language independent which is advantageous for creating web applications

      Our ASP.NET Expertise includes:
      • E-commerce shopping cart development
      • Custom web application development
      • Web portal development
      • Content management system development
      • Migration of applications to ASP.Net from other languages like ASP, PHP
      • Database application development
      • Re-engineering, maintenance and support of applications in .NET

      moPharma Advantage
      • Reliability, safety and high-speed development
      • Easy configuration of applications and built-in security features
      • Reduced operating costs and streamlined business processes
      • Delivering cross-browser compatible ASP.NET web applications
      • Improved productivity
      • Transparent communication

    • Drupal CMS Development

      Drupal is a free content management system written in PHP and easily allows users to publish, manage and organize various content types throughout their website. moPharma provides full-cycle Drupal development services that utilize the rich features and functionalities of the Drupal platform to expand your business across the globe. Our expert team of Drupal developers offers out-of-the-box and custom Drupal solutions having crisp layout and templates, clean XHTML and CSS code from scratch to cater to your business needs.

      The key benefits of Drupal CMS include but are not limited to:
      • Drupal is flexible, easy to extend and provides a scalable, low cost and high value solutions
      • Drupal is reliable, efficient and robust
      • Drupal comes with many tools to help you organize, structure, find and re-use your content
      • Drupals presentation layer allows designers to create highly usable, interactive experiences that engage users and increase traffic
      • Build internal and external-facing websites in a matter of hours with no custom programming
      • Drupal makes it easy to connect your website to other sites and services across the web using aggregation, feeds and search engine connection capabilities

      Our Drupal Development Services include:
      • Drupal CMS Development
      • Custom Drupal Development
      • Drupal Custom Theme Designing & Development
      • Custom Drupal Module
      • Drupal Integration
      • Drupal Extension Development
      • Drupal Migration Services
      • Drupal Theme/Template Customization
      • Drupal Application Development
      • Drupal Maintenance & Support

      Why moPharma?
      • Our effective Drupal development services are the result of years of experience working with the cutting-edge Drupal technologies. This has given us proven expertise to excel in our Drupal development projects.
      • Our Drupal experts ensure that all your development tasks are delivered on time.
      • We believe in offering the best solutions to our clients and therefore our professional Drupal solutions are highly affordable.
      • We ensure various quality tests on each and every level of development to deliver the best high quality end product.
      • All our Drupal experts are available for support via phone, email, instant messenger etc. to respond to your queries.

    • WordPress

      WordPress is the most popular open source CMS system that has gained immense popularity in the field of website development due to its out-of-the-box features and ease of use. moPharma aims to provide highly compelling and customized WordPress solutions starting from WordPress website development to the custom WordPress theme development & customization. Our experienced WordPress experts will not only develop WordPress website but will also give your business all required customized solutions while leveraging from the rich features and functionalities offered by the this amazing platform.

      The key benefits of WordPress include:
      • It’s free, easy-to-use, powerful and 100% customizable
      • The platform allows you to extend the functionality of your site with Plug-ins that solve various problems
      • The websites powered by WordPress are inexpensive to run and to maintain
      • WordPress websites offer flexibility and control over search engine optimization thereby improving your site’s chances of getting higher search engine page rankings
      • WordPress thoroughly integrates with social networks which makes it the perfect platform for inbound marketing
      • WordPress provides better administration by easily surviving traffic spikes, balancing the server load at the same time ensuring that the website runs smoothly in spite of massive web traffic
      • The another benefits of WordPress is it’s easy to install, user-friendly and have full control of your site

      Our WordPress Development Services include:
      • WordPress Custom Theme Development and Integration
      • WordPress Custom Plug-in Development
      • WordPress CMS Development and Integration
      • Custom WordPress Development
      • WordPress Website Development and Customization
      • WordPress Custom Blog Design and Development
      • WordPress Blog Customization
      • WordPress Installation and Configuration
      • WordPress Template Design
      • WordPress E-Commerce Development and Integration
      • WordPress Data Migration from Other Platforms
      • WordPress Modules and Components Development, Implementation and Modification
      • WordPress Multi User and Corporate Blogging
      • WordPress Social Networking Development

      moPharma Advantage
      • Proven development methodologies and industry standards
      • Sophisticated models of communication
      • Timely project delivery with quality assurance
      • Rapid development at no hidden cost
      • Robust infrastructure and facilities
      • Data protection and confidentiality

    • DotNetNuke

      DotNetNuke (DNN) is a leading web content management system (WCM or CMS) built on Microsoft ASP.NET platform. Being a DNN Partner, we provide wide range of services on DotNetNuke leveraging our extensive expertise in DNN technologies to deliver cutting edge services built using ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server and IIS. Our team of expert DNN developers has the skills to design and develop a custom solution for both full-scale portals and separate DNN Skins and Modules development for your website.

      The key benefits of using DotNetNuke include:
      • Unmatched security and website speed
      • Ability to create, edit, publish and manage web content efficiently
      • Fully extensible, scalable and customizable
      • Thousands of ready-to-use functionalities and visual appearances
      • Well supported by the strong DotNetNuke community

      Our DotNetNuke Services include:
      • DotNetNuke CMS Development
      • DotNetNuke Website/Web Portal Development
      • Intranet Portal Development using DNN
      • Custom DNN Web Application Development
      • DotNetNuke Skin Designing
      • DNN E-Commerce Development
      • DotNetNuke Custom Module Development
      • DotNetNuke Development of Corporate Intranet and Extranet
      • DotNetNuke Customization Services
      • DotNetNuke Consulting and DotNetNuke Outsourcing Services
      • DotNetNuke Business Logic and Data Integration
      • Professional DotNetNuke Support
      • DotNetNuke QA and Testing Services
      • Third-Party Integration & DotNetNuke Migration Services
      • DotNetNuke Data Management, Security and Storage

      moPharma Advantage
      • Easy to use, install and to host
      • Support for multiple websites from a single application installation
      • Manage site content events, blogs, bulk emails, photo gallery and even enrich your website with text, tables, links etc.
      • Assignment of security levels, memberships and lots more…

    • Magento CMS Development

      Magento is a feature rich open source e-commerce software and platform trusted by several brands across the world. Being a leading Magento development company, moPharma can help you achieve your online business goals by leveraging the maximum power of Magento and by customizing your online store with your specific business needs and requirements. We have Certified Magento developers who have a proven track record of creating successful Magento e-commerce solutions that not only meet the client’s requirement but delivers business objectives for growth and scalability.

      Benefits of Magento CMS Development
      • Magento offers multi-store capability and is highly capable in managing and orienting order management for a business with multiple online stores
      • Magento as an open source CMS is integrated with payment gateways which can be applied to the online store or ecommerce store
      • Magento CMS has tons of plug-ins to boost the software functionalities
      • Creating, generating and launching ad campaigns, promotions and sustained visits by customers is an added benefit from Magneto CMS
      • The Magento based e-commerce websites increases the conversion rates and ROI
      • Magento CMS allows customization of products and categories as per the user’s requirement
      • Magento as an ecommerce CMS can develop the site analytics while the management of data, orders and reporting of information on customer clicks, visits and views can be assessed
      • Magneto CMS allows to upgrade the store in any number of ways with an enormous variety of third party services and systems

      Our Magento CMS Development Services include:
      • Magento Layout/Design/Custom Theme
      • Magento CMS Extension development
      • Shopping Cart Development & Solutions
      • Magento Application Development
      • Magento CMS Solution
      • Module Development & Integration
      • Integration with Payment Gateways
      • Online Store Development
      • Magento Template Development
      • Magento Search Engine Optimization

      moPharma Advantage
      • With help of the plenty of Magneto Add-ons/Extensions our Magento designers and developers build and customize an excellent e-commerce website as per the demand of the business requirement from the clients.
      • We aim at rapid development with Magento best practices and code standards and ensure right time-to-market with high performance and within budget.
      • Our Magento website design and customization for our clients stands out from the rest and creates a whole new brand presence.
      • We architect a solution that works smoothly with your entire workflow and provide you a better user experience.
      • We understand every aspect of our client’s business need and strive hard to provide high-quality web solutions.
      • Strong communication and reporting along with timely deliveries

    • Windows Programming

      Windows 8 operating system has added several new features which was unthinkable few years ago and has received an excellent response around the world. moPharma a leading Windows 8 Application Development company is well equipped with the latest Microsoft technologies and have a team of skilled professionals working on variety of Microsoft platform such as .Net, C#, ASP.NET, SharePoint and Silverlight. Also, we have got our hands on Windows 8 SDK, Windows Store App Development using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, XAML, C#, .NET, WPF, Silverlight, C++, XAML, DirectX, XNA etc.

      The key benefits include:
      • Touch friendly Metro interface to create custom apps with clean typography and animations to make interacting clear, intuitive and fast
      • Desktop virtualization
      • File management
      • BSecure boot
      • Windows 7 compatibility
      • Deployment Tools for Smoother Implementation

      Our Windows 8 Application Development Services include apps for:
      • Dynamic CRM Apps
      • Social Networking Apps
      • Business Apps
      • SharePoint Apps
      • Windows Store Apps
      • Games Apps
      • Business Intelligence Apps and more…

      Our Windows 8 Application Development Services include:
      • Software Architectural Consulting
      • UI Designing
      • Custom Windows 8 Application Development for Desktops, Mobile Phones & Tablets
      • Application Porting & Migration Services from other platforms
      • Back-end Implementation

    • Magento eCommerce

      Magento is the most powerful ecommerce platform that has helped online retailers to maximize their profits using Magento out-of-the-box features. Being a Magento Partner, moPharma has delivered ecommerce solution that fulfills the gap of traditional shopping to online ecommerce platform enabling the customers to interact and transact online in a seamless fashion. Our team of expert designers and Magento developers make efforts to work closely in order to develop a feature rich ecommerce solution offering capabilities such as one-page checkout, product comparisons, multi-address shipping, payment integration and many more standard features.

      The benefits of Magento Ecommerce Development include:
      • Magento being an open source platform allows the users and developers to modify the code and customize the looks and functioning of the website according to their needs
      • Large community of Magento contributors which helps to leverage instant solutions to any problem with your online store
      • Magento offers immense scalability, flexibility, adaptability and customizations to your estore
      • Third party apps can easily be integrated to the Magento architecture that in turn makes online stores more dynamic and versatile functionally
      • Magento based ecommerce websites are SEO friendly which helps to get a better rank on search pages
      • Magento provides analytical tools to test the functional well-being of your ecommerce websites
      • Magento is a smart platform that stores and manages all of the customer data and helps retailers to identify their customers

      Our Magento Ecommerce Development Expertise includes:
      • Magento Ecommerce Solutions
      • Magento Development Services
      • Magento Customization Services
      • Magento Website Design
      • Magento Module Development
      • Magento Extension Development
      • Magento ERP Integration
      • Magento Theme Customization
      • OsCommerce to Magento Migration
      • Magento SAP Integration
      • Magento Enterprise Development
      • Magento Extension Integration
      • VirtueMart to Magento Migration
      • Magento Ingram Micro Integration

      Our Magento Ecommerce Development Expertise includes:
      • Magento Ecommerce Solutions
      • Magento Development Services
      • Magento Customization Services
      • Magento Website Design
      • Magento Module Development
      • Magento Extension Development
      • Magento ERP Integration
      • Magento Theme Customization
      • OsCommerce to Magento Migration
      • Magento SAP Integration
      • Magento Enterprise Development
      • Magento Extension Integration
      • VirtueMart to Magento Migration
      • Magento Ingram Micro Integration

      moPharma Advantage
      • Highly experienced ecommerce developers working towards the betterment of shopping experiences
      • Flexible and scalable web solutions built with a futuristic approach
      • A dedicated team working on your project
      • Seamless communication and timely deliveries
      • 24*7 technical support

    • OroCRM

      OroCRM is an easy-to-use open source CRM with in-built marketing tools for your ecommerce business. moPharma a leading ecommerce development company has proven expertise in providing businesses with solutions for customer relationship management and ecommerce in order to fulfill the complex business requirements in the area of commerce.The technological solution is an vital part of any project but to ensure its success a good implementation is certainly very important. mopharma masters the solutions and technologies needed for the deployment of OroCRM applications and possess a team of experienced and professional application developers who has successfully implemented hundreds of implementations for our varied client’s across the globe.

      We are committed to helping our client’s turn their customer relationship strategy into a winning business by:
      • Helping you implement the best CRM application to support your sales, marketing or service processes.
      • Harnessing the power of internet to help you boost your online sales by seamlessly integrating your CRM application with your backend system.
      • Extending your solution to support any company specific processes or functions by using a wide range of technologies that supports the OroCRM platform.

      moPharma Advantage
      • Requirement analysis
      • We also deliver projects within the agreed timeline so your needs are met on time.
      • 24*7 technical support

    • Vitro Commerce

      Virto Commerce Development is an open source eCommerce platform based on Microsoft .Net technology with MS SQL database. Virto Commerce is a secure and easy-to-use online shopping cart platform designed and developed for small, medium and large businesses willing to opt for Microsoft based open-source eCommerce solutions. Virto Commerce comes with many features like catalog management, product management, customer and coupon management backed with powerful back office to manage day-to-day routine tasks.moPharma, a global information technology and IT consulting firm offers Virto Commerce based application development services and possess a team of Virto Commerce developers who are adept in designing and developing a complete solution from bespoke customization to complete theme and template design services.

      Why Virto Commerce Development?
      • Secure, scalable and extendable.
      • Optimized for search engines.
      • Extremely flexible and customizable platform.
      • Pluggable modular layered architecture.
      • Stable and highly usable with clean and intuitive back-end system.
      • Mcommerce support.

      Our Virto Commerce Development Services include:
      • Virto Commerce Website Development.
      • Virto Commerce Customization Services.
      • Virto Commerce Theme/Skin Design and Development(PSD, Images or HTML Templates).
      • Implementation of all kinds of Plug-ins or Widgets for Virto Commerce.
      • Payment Gateway and Shipping Services Integration.
      • Migration of your existing site to Virto Commerce platform.
      • Integration of Virto Commerce site with your existing website/application.
      • Front-end or Back-end Virto Commerce Customization Services.
      • Customization of Virto Commerce Modules to meet client’s specific requirements.

      moPharma Advantage
      • Highly experienced ecommerce developers working towards the betterment of shopping experiences
      • Flexible and scalable web solutions built with a futuristic approach
      • A dedicated team working on your project
      • Error free coding and seamless integration of EPOS or ERP into your existing stores

    • Mobile Commerce

      Nothing can bring you closer to your customers more than mobile devices. Mobile Commerce Development has become a crucial element for success today. Mobile websites and mcommerce apps provide customers with the ability to shop anytime, and anywhere. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping within a few taps and swipes on their mobile screen and businesses benefit from this in terms of quick sales.
      Mobile commerce apps are not mere presence of your business online, but opportunities for business expansion that includes tapping the huge mobile user base and getting an edge over the competition.
      moPharma provides businesses with mobile optimized solutions that cover mobile websites as well as mobile applications.
      Our developers have years of experience with mobile solutions and can conjure highly efficient mobile apps for your business. You can place your store right in the hands of your customers and provide them with a best in class experience.
      Having a mobile strategy is no longer a ‘good to have’ option. It has become a necessity. The ability to quickly conduct business whether it is a purchase, or an inquiry or reaching out to a business, customers can get things done instantly. Businesses can benefit from the broad set of features that such mobile apps can provide.
      Our developers can expertly put together a mobile commerce solution that fully integrates with your existing ecommerce website that includes product catalog, inventory, shipping methods, payments and checkout as well as all other functionalities.
      So, whether you are looking for designing a new store or integrating your existing online store with a mobile app with ecommerce features, we can help you with the perfect solution for your business. If you are looking at expanding your current boundaries and venturing out into the mobile space, we can help you get there affordably with all the relevant aspects of selling online included.
      Mobile commerce apps are not mere presence of your business online, but opportunities for business expansion that includes tapping the huge mobile user base and getting an edge over the competition.

      Our Mobile Commerce Development Services Include:
      • Mcommerce store built to work on all types of mobile devices.
      • Powerful features to incorporate marketing.
      • Seamless data integration with your existing online stores (ecommerce websites).
      • Compatible with multiple devices
      • Support for multiple stores

      moPharma Advantage
      • Highly experienced ecommerce developers working towards the betterment of shopping experiences
      • A dedicated team working on your project
      • Error free coding and seamless integration of EPOS or ERP into your existing stores

    • SharePoint Application Development

      Our Microsoft SharePoint Development Services help you realize the full potential of SharePoint both on-premise and online. moPharma has developed solutions for SharePoint platform which includes information sharing, enterprise search implementation, business processes and business intelligence to streamline your workflow and business operations. Our team of dedicated Microsoft SharePoint Developers is adept at delivering end-to-end customized SharePoint solutions catering to the client-centric requirements using different SharePoint versions like SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and so on.

      The key benefits of SharePoint Development include:
      • Extremely flexible and can be used to provide intranet portals, document sharing, enterprise search, document and file management etc.
      • SharePoint can be integrated virtually into any other business system
      • Automates business processes like document approval by associating common workflows with the data
      • Increased employee productivity due to streamline business operations
      • Easily available and shared content management system

      Our Microsoft SharePoint Development Services include:
      • Custom SharePoint Development
      • SharePoint Deployment
      • SharePoint Integration
      • SharePoint Consultancy
      • SharePoint Maintenance Services
      • Robust Business Intelligence Sites Development
      • SharePoint 2010 Migration & Customization
      • SharePoint QA & Testing
      • SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
      • SharePoint Custom Web Part development
      • SharePoint Custom Workflow development using Visual Studio (VB / C#) and SharePoint Designer
      • SharePoint Enterprise Content Management(SharePoint CMS)
      • SharePoint Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence
      • SharePoint package installers using WSP Builders
      • SharePoint SQL Reporting

      moPharma Advantage
      • Increased employee productivity due to streamline business operations
      • Client-centric SharePoint development and on-time delivery
      • Unified infrastructure – hardware/software
      • Microsoft Certified developers to work on your SharePoint projects
      • 24*7 technical support

    • PHP MySQL Development

      PHP and MySQL are two leading open-source scripting and database technologies. moPharma a leading PHP development company has a proven track record for deploying database-driven dynamic and interactive web applications for diverse business spectrum. The team of experienced PHP coders at moPharma offers out-of-the-box PHP and MYSQL development services leveraging the full power of MYSQL and PHP to deliver unique solutions catered to the complex requirements of diverse clients across the globe.

      The advantages of PHP MYSQL Development include:
      • Creation of dynamic web pages
      • Ease of use and easy to learn as compared to other programming languages
      • Quick loading due to light weight
      • Multi-lingual support as well as remote configuration support
      • Reduces overall web application development cost

      Our PHP MySQL Development Expertise includes:
      • Custom Website & Web Application Development
      • Ecommerce Website Development
      • Content Management System
      • Shopping Cart Development
      • Inventory Management System
      • Payment Gateway Integration
      • Job & Classified Portal Development
      • Custom Utilities Development
      • Configuring, improving and maintaining MySQL database and much more

      moPharma Advantage
      • Fully optimized & customized interactive websites or web applications having well-formatted pages
      • Customized websites or applications that appear and perform smoothly on all the web browsers and across multiple operating systems
      • A huge pool of skilled and talented professionals having years of experience in PHP MYSQL development
      • Uninterrupted communication via various communication channels
      • Flexible hiring options and 24×7 technical support

    • Joomla Web Development

      Joomla is a PHP based open source content management system which enables building of web sites and powerful online applications with great extensibility and user friendliness. moPharma offers end-to-end Joomla application development services delivering compelling enterprise Joomla solutions that are tailored to comply with your business objectives and long-term goals. Our highly experienced and efficient Joomla development team has gained the required skill sets to provide our clients the best Joomla solutions they need as per their requirement.

      The big benefits of JoomlaL:
      • Joomla is an open framework covered under a GNU/GPL license and is therefore freely available for anyone to use, modify and implement
      • Joomla is quick and allows users to easily add or update new pages to a website with minimal effort
      • Joomla allow your entire website to be searchable enabling people to find content fast
      • Joomla have an excellent resource of extensions allowing you to develop your website further and offer more functionality
      • Joomla! is comparatively cost effective, secure and simple to manage
      • Joomla has a growing community of developers around the work contributing to the movement by submitting their own web services components and plug-ins to the Joomla Extension Directory

      Our Joomla Web Development Services:
      • Custom Joomla Web Development
      • Joomla Template Design & Development
      • Joomla CMS Development
      • Enterprise Joomla Development
      • Custom Joomla Module Development
      • Joomla Template Integration
      • Joomla Theme Customization
      • Custom Joomla Components Development
      • Design, Integration and Installation of the Modules
      • Joomla Portal Development
      • Joomla Website Maintenance & Support

      Why moPharma?
      • We provide affordable, cost-effective and high quality Joomla website development services
      • Our team of Joomla developers has on hand experience on VirtueMart as well
      • Our Joomla website development services ensures timely support
      • 100% IP and Data Protection
      • Constant communication with Joomla developers via phone, email and instant messenger during the development phase

    • Zend Framework Application Development

      Zend Framework is an open source framework employed for building performance-oriented, highly secure and modern web applications in PHP and is based on modular MVC design. moPharma provides industry leading and award winning Zend Framework Web Development services and solutions using the latest web 2.0 features that enhance the work productivity and help in faster turn-around. Our experienced and professional team of web application developers has successfully implemented custom solutions for our varied clients across the globe.

      The key benefits of using Zend Framework
      • Helps in building PHP web applications with ease and least trouble
      • Zend Framework is known for its simplicity and offers PHP developers with an excellent light-weight component library with almost 80% functionality
      • Offers great scope for customization
      • Exceptionally flexible framework, completely object-oriented and easy maintenance and deployment
      • Extends complete support to all the features of the latest version of PHP
      • Flexible architecture helps you easily build modern web applications and web services

      Our Zend Framework Application Development Services include:
      • Zend Application Development
      • Zend Website Development
      • Zend Portal Development
      • Zend Customization Service
      • Build and Deploy Zend Apps
      • Monitor and Troubleshoot Zend Production Systems
      • Modernize Legacy Zend Apps
      • Zend Integration Service

      moPharma Advantage
      • Professional team of Zend Framework based web application developers with years of experience
      • We provide a light weight and loosely coupled component library simplified to provide most of the functionality which is customized to meet your business needs and requirements
      • Development of interactive web applications in a cost-effective way
      • Timely deliveries and open communication channels
      • 24*7 technical support

    • Symfony Application Development

      Symfony is one of the premier open source web application framework based on PHP which follows the MVC concept. moPharma specializes in providing end-to-end customized Symfony development solutions through our proven project management and development methodologies. Our Symfony development team has developed hundreds of web applications using this amazing framework that fulfilled our client’s business requirements and helped them stand apart from their competitors.

      The key benefits of Symfony Framework include:
      • Symfony is heavily documented and easy to configure on most platforms
      • Symfony adheres to a strict object oriented language, MVC paradigm and encourages programmers to write better code that can be reused saving both development and maintenance time
      • Symfony has a huge amount of configuration overheard along with a great deal of code generation
      • Symfony has extreme mature templating and makes extensive use of caching to quickly deliver content to the users
      • Symfony has an extensive plug-in and extension community in its community wiki
      • Symfony offers clear design, code readability and good debugging and can also be easily incorporated with other libraries and frameworks

      Our Symfony Development Services include:
      • Custom Symfony Development Services
      • Symfony Application Development Services
      • Website Development using Symfony
      • Enterprise Symfony Application Development
      • Symfony Website Enhancement & Customization
      • Rich Internet Application Development
      • Symfony Customization Solutions
      • Maintenance & Support for existing Symfony Applications

      Why moPharma?
      • Proven development and execution methodologies
      • Tailor made Symfony development solutions
      • Efficient and fast web application development
      • Quick project turnaround time
      • Cost-effective yet efficient and reliable services
      • Source code authorization
      • 24*7 technical support

    • CakePHP Development

      An open source and robust technology, CakePHP is a rapid and powerful framework that helps create database-driven websites and web applications. moPharma specializes in CakePHP web development and is well-equipped to facilitate web solutions using PHP for varied industry segments. Along with a wide range of CakePHP development solutions, our programmers are accustomed with MVC, object-oriented programming and utilize various in-built features to deliver attractive solutions to meet customer’s requirements.

      Benefits of CakePHP Development
      • Compatible with PHP4 as well as PHP5
      • It helps developers to reduce code repentance in creation of website or web applications
      • CakePHP is easy to understand and possess industry standards in security and session handling
      • Fast, flexible templating
      • Developed under MIT license so it is free for everyone

      Our CakePHP Development Services Include:
      • Website development using cake PHP framework
      • CakePHP customization services and website maintenance
      • CMS development with Cake PHP framework
      • Extension development, integration and up-gradation services
      • Custom component development

      moPharma Advantage
      • Highly functional and robust web solutions that are specially tailored to suit your requirements
      • Experienced team of CakePHP developers with years of experience
      • Powerful web applications built using the latest technology
      • Timely delivery models at competitive rates
      • 24*7 technical support