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It is a Golden Opportunity to Learn Digital Marketing during the learning phase of life.
Practical-Assignments for Practical Knowledge, Live project Experience and with Experience Certificate, Futureproof your career in Digital Marketing with moPharma Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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1. Introduction:

moPharma provides one of the best digital marketing course for its students. We assign a Mentor for every Student, who understands their grasping power and knowledge; and allot them with Activities on Each-Tool of Digital Marketing, so candidates can get exposure to all the tools. (We don't train Multiple students at a time.)

We put them on live projects. So they get exposure to Actual-Implementation.

On 1st level of assignment: we guide them to design digital marketing strategy and execution.

On 2nd level of assignment: we encourage the student to design digital marketing strategy on their own. We parallelly guide them for Perfect-Implementation.

On the 3rd level of assignment: the candidates become capable for designing and implementing perfect digital marketing strategy on their own.

With this process of Training, Students can easily clear their interviews, and prove their experience of 6 months in Digital Marketing. (with the certificate they will be receiving from moPharma Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

For 3 month (Course Certificate): To understand the concept and working of all tools, students will be learning the course for 3 months 4hrs/week in which they will be learning theory for 20 hours and working practically for 22 hours, test will also be conducted by our mentor to know the students understanding through learning.
For 3 month course + Live Projects (Experience Certificate): Students will be learning for 4hrs/week as mentioned above for the first 3 months and to gain the Confidence, they will be working on the Live Projects, minimum 4 hrs Every day for next 3 months during the period of 6 months.

Our Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai offers one of the Best Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai. It is an absolute Digital marketing course that covers all modules of digital marketing. This course is certainly designed to help students and job seekers, get complete understanding of Digital Marketing and help professionals to enhance their current marketing careers, in order to transition into new roles at work, and widen their horizon of knowledge.

• Practical Knowledge to experience every tool

The course consists of the practical assignments along with the theory for each tool of Digital Marketing to experience the working of every tool in better way. Each practical assignment will be equivalent to a live project for a particular client with Digital Marketing Agency.

• Industrial Training for Live project Experience

Industrial Training on Live project Experience for strategic planning on different tools of digital marketing will be given. It will give you an in and out understanding of the tool with respect to client , budget, product/service and target audience.

• Online-Platform to Execute Every Tool

We ensure the access on online platform to execute the digital Marketing tools and its functioning as well as to understand the outcome of every online task.

• not only Technical-Information but also Career-Guidance

As per the practical assignments and Live project Experience provided in this course it will help you to understand which stream (tool) you should focus on your career path is in Digital Marketing. We will guide you for your career based on your working on different tools of digital marketing.

2. Experience Certificate:

In other courses, you will be getting a course certificate, but with us, you will be benefited with Experience Certificate of 6 Months, So now you won't be struggling in the market like a Fresher.

Whenever you will appear for an interview you won't be considered as a fresher anymore you will be having 6 months of experience certificate with you, it will be like changing a job for you, for better prospects.

Students can easily clear their interviews, and prove their experience of 6 months in Digital Marketing. (with the certificate they will be receiving from moPharma Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

3. Career in Digital Marketing:

Choosing digital marketing is the best decision. As we all know that in the present time of 2019 Digital marketing is at the boom. In the future, the demand for digital marketing professionals is going to increase. If you are doing MBA, MCA, BCA, BBA, MSc, BSc, BMS, MMS, BE, B.Tech in any stream like ECE, CSE, Electrical, IT etc. then with this training you will get a job easily.

Digital Marketing is on high demand with the Digital Revolution. In a very short span of time, Career in Digital Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more businesses are focusing on Digital Marketing to grow their business. Digital Marketing has not only helped businesses to extend their horizon but has also provided Career Opportunity in Digital Marketing to aspiring Digital Marketers.

4. Course Fee:

Course Fees
3 Months
(Course Certificate)
Rs 20,000/-
(+18% GST)
3 Months Traning +
3 months Live-Projects
(Experience Certificate)
Rs 35,000/-
(+18% GST)

5. Course Curriculum:

1. Content Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

3. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

4. Data Analysis and Reporting

5. Reputation Marketing

6. Email Marketing

7. Video Marketing

8. Google Ads

9. Pay Per Click(PPC)

10. Remarketing

6. Gurukul System:

We have gurukul style of implication in our training and also in our book where we try to understand the passion, qualities, capabilities, technical skills and communication skills of the candidates and design their path of career accordingly.

7. Contact:

Phone: Ajit: +91 9820621021

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