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Corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years to move beyond training just new hires, sales people and leaders. Organizations are opening their eyes to the incredible opportunities of Digital Marketing training programs have for them. Building a corporate training program is a smart move. In order to grow and prosper, a company should train and educate its every employees.
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1. Introduction:

Corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years. It is one of the most significant parts of its growth and long-term investment strategies. It helps to improve employees performance, moral and skills by concentrating on professional development. Corporate Training is the key to ensure development in all the spheres; so that the employees can aspire in this competetive world and bring success on their behalf. Through Corporate Training highest productivity can be achieved when the individual goals are integrated with the organisational goals.

Decision making is a very long process in any corporate organization. Therefore, there is a great need for careful monitoring of corporate trainings to get precise feedback. Companies, today, are looking forward to expanding their presence in the Digital space. moPharma Digital Marketing course is precisely designed for new entrants in Digital Marketing domain.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

2. Importance of Corporate Training:

The scope of digital marketing is growing day-by-day. Companies are also focusing on digital marketing. Providing a Corporate Training on digital marketing will help the emlpoyees to boost up their productivity in the organization. It does not restrict you to one specific job profile. Getting a digital marketing training in an organization will help you to get better salary as this is the most fascinating advantage of digital marketing. It will help in making suitable modification whenever necessary. Training in digital marketing helps in creating better understanding of the companies and the employees are able to achieve their professional goals.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

3. Digital Marketing: Corporate Training Video:

Digital Marketing Corporate Training by moPharma

4. Level up your team with Digital Marketing Training:

Your corporate training efforts will be successful with the right training development partner. moPharma Digital Marketing Corprate Training will help you to enhance your organizations digital capabalities. Our training in your organaization guarantees you that your team has the relevant digital marketing skills and handles all the digital platforms with ease.

We will be working with your team to get the better understanding of your organizations objectives and provide them with current digital marketing knowledge which will help your team to improve your company's overall digital presence. moPharma ensures you that they will give you the best training on digital marketing by coming to your organization.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

5. Training with your organization:

moPharma Digital Solutions training with your organization will help convert insight into digital marketing strategy that will have a substantial positive impact on business performance. We will be helping you with various digital marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Content Marketing, Data Analytics, Email Marketing, Web Development, App Development you name it and we do it and much much more. Training from our institution will surley help your organization to boost up the performance. mopPharma's focus will be to help your organization to achieve the targeted goals, through digital marketing research, analytics and strategies.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

6. About the Institute:

Gurukul of Digital Marketing and Research Center is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai with state-of-the-art training centres in Andheri and Vashi. We provide two full-stack Digital Marketing Courses, Master Program and Executive Program in Digital Marketing and prepare you to set-up up your career in Digital Marketing Industry with a host of opportunities. We have so far trained 500+ students in the last 3 years of experience.

So If you are looking out for the Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai that offers training under the guidance of experienced professionals and will help you understand the tools and methodologies in the world of digital marketing, then check out our Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

7. About the Faculty:

Ajit Shirodkar is an entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, consultant, trainer, author, speaker with Professional Certified Digital Marketer from American Marketing Association. He spearheads Digital Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in mumbai. He also believes that 'Digital Marketing is All About Practise' and hence acclaimed organization MSD, Mumbai Police and many more brands are part of Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbais's client list. He holds a MBA degree in IT, Graduation from (National Institute of Information Technology) and Bachelor's Degree, IT. His teaching area includes Digital mMrketing, Mobile App Development, Software Development and many more.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

8. Training Curriculum:

1. Content Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

3. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

4. Data Analysis and Reporting

5. Reputation Marketing

6. Email Marketing

7. Video Marketing

8. Google Ads

9. Pay Per Click(PPC)

10. Remarketing

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

9. Digital Marketing Training for Pharma:

Pharma Marketing Manager’s, Focusing on Traditional Problem-Area of, “Generating more Rep-Time”. Today’s “Digital-Age”, have Generated “New Opportunities”, to “Influence: Doctors/Physicians”, which requires a “totally New Mindset”. Join Training to Understand How! our “Digital-Marketing-Course for Pharma” has already geared up, and started to Transform: Pharma and Healthcare Industry.

Digital Marketing importance is currently being realized by a lot of pharma companies and they have started investing into it. Today, across the world, a lot of pharma companies are moving towards more sustainable means of marketing and advertising. It has become imperative for pharma professionals also to upskill or cross-skill, or perhaps explore a different career altogether. There is a high demand for pharma professionals who are equipped with digital marketing skills. A successful digital marketing pharma professional is the one who is self-motivated to learn about the latest trends.

moPharma provides one of the best Digital Marketing Training for Pharma who want to move further up on the success ladder. We assign a Mentor for every profesionals, who help them during the training; and allot them with Activities on Each-Tool of Digital Marketing, so that the candidates can get exposure to all the tools.

Our Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai offers one of the Best Digital Marketing Training for Pharma. It is an absolute Digital marketing course that covers all modules of pharma digital marketing. This course is certainly designed to help pharma students and pharma job seekers, get complete understanding of Digital Marketing and help pharma professionals to enhance their current pharma careers, in order to transition into new roles at work, and widen their horizon of knowledge.

Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai

10. Case Studies:

Being new to Pharma Industry, Digital Marketing for Pharma don't have multiple Case Studies. We will give a brief about 2 Success Stories within Mumbai (India)

Case 1: Our team already has connectivity with Physician in various speciality, communicates the product specification and USPs across Common Social Media like: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At the same time, our team also communicates with them on various platforms in medical field. There are many social media platforms available which are based on various speciality in Pharma. We have our presence there and also help physicians to resolve their queries with the help of Client-Doctors, to generate a very good Brand-Recall of the company and the product.

Case 2: We also initiate the communication on email, SMS and WhatsApp and then redirect physicians to the portal where they will gather lots of latest information like Research-Papers and News-Letters. Once they find the portal providing great amount of knowledge, they follow the portal regularly for their queries, generating great Brand-Recall.

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Digital Marketing Corporate Training in Mumbai


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