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Voice Search: How to Optimize for Voice Search SEO Strategies

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Voice search is growing as the virtual assistant in the market more actively. With voice search on the rise, is your digital marketing strategy ready? Read more on the moPharma blog for the latest updates on voice search and the best SEO tips for your business.
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Whether they’re trying to find the best restaurant in town, or they just want to know who sings the song that’s on the radio, 40% of adults depend on voice search to help every day. Though this may seem to throw a wrench in your current search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, your business can actually use these technological advances to get ahead of your competitors. From using keyword phrases that better suit voice search queries to nailing down exactly how to approach local SEO, these changes to your current digital marketing strategy can bring the results you want.

Here are few digital marketing tips that would help your content to be visible in voice search

  • As voice search queries are longer you must begin targeting long tail keywords.

  • Start using FAQ strategy. “Who, What, Where, Why and How” are the questions frequently asked by the customer so address those in your websites or social media pages.

  • Make the content in the simple language which makes you sound more conversational.

  • Semantic search is the future where search engines need to understand the intent for the query in order to deliver more accurate results.


1. What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows users to search by saying terms aloud rather than typing them into a search field. The proliferation of smart phones and other small, Web-enabled mobile devices has spurred interest in voice search.

2. Voice Search and SEO

In the eyes of some industry experts, the rise of voice search is the end of SEO as we know it. However, other major influencers in the SEO world—we included—believe that voice search is changing digital marketing for the better. Whether you perceive the glass as half-empty or half-full, you can’t deny that voice search is affecting digital marketing and SEO strategy, whether in good ways or bad ways.

The main reason your SEO strategy should change is because of how different text and voice searches actually are. Here are some ways voice search affects SEO:

  • Use of conversational language

  • Emphasis on featured snippets

  • Importance of informative and authoritative content

  • Transformation of text searches into long-tail question queries

As we know from Google’s prioritizing of featured snippets, answering questions promptly and accurately is key for ranking. In one case, acquiring a featured snippet led to a 516% increase in sessions, higher click-through rate (CTR), and better visibility as an authority. Creating content that is seen as informative and authoritative enough for Google to select for this coveted spot can create an opportunity to be the answer to the questions voice searchers are asking.

You can’t do that by repeating the same keyword a bunch of times without putting it into an understandable, readable context. Plus, if you craft your content in a featured snippet well enough, it can even serve as a promotional opportunity for your business.

3. Why Voice Search Matters to Businessmen

Think about it: If your digital marketing strategy has a direct effect on your company’s success, and voice search use has a direct effect on your digital marketing strategy, then voice search trends will inevitably affect your business. Whether or not this will bring positive or negative results depends on how well you adapt your strategy to the changing landscape.

With voice search on the rise and Google’s new mobile first index—which bases rankings off of the mobile version of a site instead of the desktop version—businesses need to adapt to the changing digital landscape. Exact match domains and other black hat SEO tactics are no longer going to cut it. Voice search improves user experience of search engines—by being faster and more convenient—and provides more accurate results. This means that, if your website content is optimized (particularly for mobile use) effectively, your business could be the first one a digital personal assistant suggests.

4. How to Optimize Your for Voice Search

  • Provide concise answers to questions

  • Target long-tail keywords

  • Use natural-sounding language

  • Tighten up your local SEO schema

  • Form queries into question phrases

  • Think about user intent

  • Focus on action queries

  • Ensure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and secure

It is quite obvious that voice search has already found a place in our everyday lives.

What is important for us to remember, however, is since voice behavior is different from traditional browser search behavior Google ranks for it differently.

Because of this, it is crucial that we are not neglecting voice search when creating and optimizing relevant content.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Keep it Human: When it comes to optimizing your content for voice search, the most important thing is to understand how humans actually speak, and how they search using their voice.

Voice assistants are designed to be spoken to like a friend or another person in the room so conversations or questions to them are more natural, and more focused around long-tail keywords.

Think about how you and your audience actually speak about your business and to each other, and not how they search the web for information on your business.

Optimize Your Pages with Featured Snippets: When a question is asked via voice search, Google will likely pull the featured snippets and read it out loud to the user and cite the site as the source of that information.

Optimizing to appear here is a great way to help your content get found when someone asks a question vocally.

If Google can’t find a featured snippet or the only snippets available are considered bad, Google will not provide any answers.

What featured snippets should you aim for? Again, consider the questions someone in your audience may be wondering or asking on the go and make sure you have crawlable pages that answer those.

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Voice Search: How to Optimize for Voice Search SEO Strategies


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