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How Viral Video Can Make Your Marketing Awesome

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Viral Videos hold the potential of skyrocketing popularity overnight. Read more to know how Viral Video can make your marketing awesome.
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Gone are the days when people used to share images, links, GIFs, memes and any other stagnant format of content. Well, I might be exaggerating, but proportionately videos on the social media channels have beaten other content formats left & right. Such is the power of videos.

Videos are powerful, but viral videos are super-duper powerful. A viral video can make people celebrities overnight. Don’t you remember the winking girl – Priya Varrier?

Isn’t the brands work day and night to achieve such a level of popularity? What if it can be achieved with a single powerful viral video! So, let’s learn how brands can do it.


What Are Viral Videos? Definition Of Viral Video

A viral video definition is as follows. A viral video can be defined as a clipping which receives an enormous number of views in a small span of time. These videos are shared on various platforms namely social media channels, posted on blogs, sent via emails etc. These become trending videos which receive millions of views. Thus, viral videos compliment viral marketing perfectly.

Types Of Viral Video

After knowing the viral video definition, let’s move to its types. Viral videos are videos which become trendy over the internet, but does it have types? Yes, it does. Mainly 3 types;

1. Funny Videos

These are the videos created purely for entertainment purpose. These are fully scripted or semi-scripted videos. Prank videos are the no. 1 funny videos which are viral on the internet. The possibility of a funny video becoming viral depends on its funniness meter.

2. By Chance Viral Video

The reach of mobile phones has exceeded the expectation of the most visionary person on earth. I mean, smartphones are in the pockets of every individual irrespective of their economic stature. So, it becomes pretty simple to capture moments on daily basis. While doing so, such videos get recorded which breaks the internet in terms of popularity. Hence, unintentional viral videos take birth in the most unexpected way.

3. Promotional Videos

Brands capitalize on viral video concept by creating videos which intend to increase the popularity of the brand. But the viral video isn’t yet another ad video where a film star is promoting the product with cheesy headlines. Brand viral videos communicate a very strong social message with integrating its product in the storyline very smoothly which doesn’t look like intentional.

How Brands Can Use Viral Video Marketing

1. Cardstore:

Cardstore is a customized card maker for special occasions. The company had done a pretty amazing job in creating a viral video for one of the pious occasion.

They arranged a fake interview for a job profile with real people. The interviews were conducted in real via video call. The job description is something like this; the job role needs a lot of strength as it involves standing most of the time, there are no leaves i.e job is 24X7 365 days, there are no breaks, the candidate can have food if there is time, the job needs high-level degrees of management, medical, psychology etc. It seems unrealistic, right? But the most shocking part is “There is no salary for the job”. By hearing all the candidates lost it. That is when the interviewer reveals, millions of people in the world hold such a job and the position is named as “Mom”!

Wow, such a wonderful storyline. There is no better way to give tribute to millions of mothers on the occasion of “Mothers Day”. With this wonderful message, card store endorses its product to gift customized cards on mothers day.

2. Barbie:

Barbie, the dream doll every girl aspires to have in her childhood. There is something about this sleek & gorgeous doll which little girls love to dress up & play with it. Now the Barbie brand gave a new meaning to this playtime with Barbie with an innovative campaign.

In the video, cute little girls were shown stepping into their own favourite shoes of their older self. The girls have aspired to be professor, doctor, businesswoman, football coach and are seen dealing with the real older people. But at last, a girl enacting as the professor is shown to be playing with barbies as her students and the video ends with the statement “When a girl plays with a Barbie, she imagines everything she can become”.

3. Volvo Truck:

Volvo, the renowned automobile company took a creative way to showcase it’s one of the awesome new features. Volvo hired Van Damme, but not just to capitalize on his fame, but to correlate one of his strength with Volvo’s strength.

The video starts with Van Damme standing in the middle of 2 Volvo truck by keeping his feet on each truck respectively. The video reflects on the life of Van Damme who is a Belgian actor and martial artist, in which he has seen many ups & downs. The video slowly moves from Van Damme’s life to the feature of Volvo by showing Van’s extraordinary split. The split demonstrates the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

4. Hindustan Unilever:

Hindustan Unilever is a pretty famous and household name in India. We all use its products in many forms every day. Hindustan Unilever wanted to address one of the biggest problems of India which is spoiling India’s environment – “Plastic”. There are many campaigns done to address this social cause, but what is so special about this campaign. The speciality is it touches the heart of Indians and we will know how;

The video captured the incident in one of the small villages in India. A girl throws a plastic cover out of the bus and a cow name “Bora” starts chewing it. All the villages get tensed and start convincing the cow to throw it away but of no use. Finally, a vegetable vendor comes and gives a vegetable to eat, then the cow throws the plastic. Indians worship the cow. By casting cow and showcasing plastic hamper on a cow, the video has touched many Indians.

The brand finally gives the message to people to segregate plastic waste and informs it is working on recycling plastic.

5. Google India:

Google, our saviour for everything on the earth. Google has become an integral part of our life. But with the increased number of smartphones users of middle age in India, it was necessary for Google to demonstrate it’s usage to Indian middle-aged users.

Google showed it’s usage as we do it every day in a normal household and the result was beautiful. Google created a series of ads to showcase its usage, some of them are;

(a) At a family party, a traditional ghazal singer is singing his ghazals beautifully. But a small kid sends a request to him to sing “DJ wale babu Mera ghana Baja de”. Poor singer searches for its lyrics on Google and sings it in his ghazal tone. Funny!

(b) Aged Friends wants to make biriyani at home. They note down all the ingredients and starts orders them from a nearby store via call. One friend asks for fennel to shopkeeper which he doesn’t understand. He asks his grandkid to translate who googles and gives him the Hindi version.

There are many more viral videos which have skyrocketed brands’ popularity overnight. Videos are a great way to talk about brands but the best part is to weave a connecting story around your brands and project in a video. Video marketing is a must skill for digital marketers today. Be an early adopter to gain the benefits.

Hopefully, by now you must have understood viral video definition, the types of viral videos and how can brands use viral videos for marketing.

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How Viral Video Can Make Your Marketing Awesome


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