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The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have online presence and thus creating a lot of career opportunities. The rate at which technology is evolving is unbelivable; from new social platforms to new mobile technologies, every day brings a new challenge and opportunities. And given the rate at which companies are moving towards digital solutions, the future for traditional and conventional varities of marketing are at bleak.

According to the research,The Digital Economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy, and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t. Digital Marketing is a career that has plenty of room for techs, creatives, and business people

This is a field that’s ever-changing and engaging; there’s always something new to learn. And if you work in an agency, you’ll always be working with different clients, which means you’ll probably never get bored.


Top 5 Reasons for a Career in Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Over 20 Lac Jobs in Digital Marketing by 2020: According to a combined study of CII & KPMG, over 20 Lakh jobs are expected to be created in Digital Marketing space by the year 2020. While this number would include various kinds of Digital Marketing as a Career, the demand for few profiles including technical & analytics skilled professionals is always going to exceed the available talent pool.

A Digital Marketing professional earns between Rs 15,000 and Rs 4,00,000:
Given the increasing gap between demand and supply of Digital Marketing professionals, a Digital Marketer commands a much higher average salary compared to other industries. A graduate with no work experience can expect a monthly salary of Rs 15- 20k and a Head of Digital Marketing in a large brand or agency can earn Rs. 2.5- 3 Lacs per month*.

Here’s a rough range of Salary associated with titles earned by Digital Marketing Professionals based on their educational qualification and professional background. This doesn’t take into consideration exceptional educational background (e.g. IIT/IIM) or professional experience. Professionals working in high growth startups or (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google) earn over Rs 1 Crore annual salary at a senior position.

Digital Media Spend in India to cross Rs 19,000 Crores by 2020:

According to Economic Times, Digital advertising to grow at 32% CAGR to reach Rs 19,000 crore by 2020. The primary factors for this growth include the growing penetration of smartphones and lower data tariffs.

1. Popular Job Profiles in Digital Marketing:

As shared earlier in this article, based on your experience, your skills (both technical and non-technical such as communication, creativity, analytical skills) and your interest, you can consider following Job Profiles:

DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER or DIGITAL DIRECTOR :As the name states, this is one of the highest position in the field of Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Manager/Director looks after the overall marketing development devising strategies that will drive more traffic, undertaking digital marketing campaigns, making improvements in website and updating it regularly etc.

WEB DEVELOPER & WEB DESIGNER :These are the people responsible for those amazing websites that you come across on the internet. The terms web developer and web designer are used interchangeably but the role of a web developer is a specific one whereas web designer does a lot of things. As a web developer/designer, you’ll be responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites making it appealing and user-friendly.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVE & SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER :Job in social media is one of the coolest job, but that's not just about Tweeting or Facebooking. As a social media executive/manager you are required to keep a check on the latest social media trends and plan strategies accordingly, co-ordinate with the content team and client servicing team on regular basis, creating quality content or video etc. Knowledge about various social media and alot of creativity is needed in this job role.

SEO EXECUTIVE/EXPERT :SEO executives are one who make sure that the company’s website is all over the web. They are responsible for getting traffic on the website and improving the Google rankings. They have to make sure that the content on the website is search friendly, conduct keyword research, research about SEO tools, build sitemaps and submit them etc.

PPC/SEM EXPERT :These experts are those who creates ads. They generate a lot of leads for the company and therefore there is a great demand for PPC professionals. As a PPC/SEM expert, you are supposed to manage PPC keywords, split ad groups, refine landing pages, generate reports, provide suggestions for ad copies and graphics, etc.

CONTENT MARKETER :If you think that you can write better than what is already there on the web then you are perfect for this role. Responsibilities of a content marketer include creating content that has all the qualities of going viral, making sure that the content is promoted well through various activities.

2. Embark Your Own Career:

The Digital Marketing world, provides a host of opportunities for you to kickstart your own career before you even set foot in a workplace. You don't have get yourself enrolled in university, sit for lectures, write exams and score certain dergree to successfully pursue a degree in Digital Marketing. Of course, a Certified Digital Marketing Course will open more doors for you to travel on a rewarding career path.
With Internet usage by consumers surging and digitalisation of business becoming a necessity, Digital Marketing has become unavoidable.


3. Become a Versatile Professsional:

Due to high demand for Digital Marketing skills and the facts, You can apply this knowlwdge to any sector. So, if you choose a career path or specialization in this sector and decide to pivolt later, you'll probably only need a litle trainning to upskill or hone in order to make the switch. In the sense, you can build on existing skills while still learning new ones, but still stay in the same field.

4. Work with Different People Every Day:

Digital Marketing being a dynamic sector with a range of disciplines, you're likely to meet and work with individuals from different backgrounds and different interests.

Whether it's new client, a colleague with an interesting speciality, or finding fun ways to engage and expand your audience, anyone with an interest in working with people will do well in the social and business end of this career. Whatever your role is, this sector gurantees a lack of boredomin your professional life!


5. Fuels Your Creativity:

Any job in the field of Digital Marketing offers flexibility to try and experiment various techniques and methods to see what's working positively for the brand and what's not. In such dynamic environment there will always be need for new ways to think of marketing products, solving problems, conducting various test, improving customer experience and engaging audience.
In addition , when you enter the land of Digital Marketing, you are handed over imaginativesness to respond current trends in the industry in respect to the marketing goals of the company.

Upcoming Digital Marketing Certification Courses:

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Learn Digital Marketing Courses

Now that you know there is an opportunity in Digital Marketing it is time to prepare yourself for becoming a digital marketing expert so as to kickstart your own business or get into some Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai.
If you are a student trying to explore career option - this course will help you get your Digital Marketing basic stronger

If you are a marketer struggling with old traditional marketing practices, than this course will help you to climbe the ladder of success by enhancing your skills.

If your are businessman who wants to generate leads for your business , this course will help you build your brand better.

There are different ways to learn digital marketing. You can teach yourself using online material and tutorials, or you can Learn Digital Marketing from a Reputed Training Institute. These training institutes have highly experienced professionals and provide focused and personalized training with lot of live projects, and also provide you guidance for your placements.

So, go ahead, learn Digital Marketing and shine on!

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Digital Marketing Corporate Training

Corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years. It is one of the most significant parts of its growth and long-term investment strategies. It helps to improve employees performance, moral and skills by concentrating on professional development. Corporate Training is the key to ensure development in all the spheres; so that the employees can aspire in this competetive world and bring success on their behalf. Through Corporate Training highest productivity can be achieved when the individual goals are integrated with the organisational goals.

The scope of digital marketing is growing day-by-day. Companies are also focusing on digital marketing. Providing a Corporate Training on digital marketing will help the emlpoyees to boost up their productivity in the organization. It does not restrict you to one specific job profile. Getting a digital marketing training in an organization will help you to get better salary as this is the most fascinating advantage of digital marketing. It will help in making suitable modification whenever necessary. Training in digital marketing helps in creating better understanding of the companies and the employees are able to achieve their professional goals.

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Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing


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