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Communication is a very important aspect in our day to day life to perform every action and for all social needs. The ever changing ways of communication has given a direction to the discovery of various digital platforms.

With this user friendly technology it has become very easy and convenient for a person to talk. But still, there's a gap between the way we communicate at work and the way we communicate in real world. At work, our internal communications look a lot like they did 10, 15, even 20 years ago — everyone was bcc’d on a mass email. Our world outside of work has sped up but in work? We’re still doing things the old way, and that’s a problem: employees used to messaging won’t find mass emails engaging. And, as the workforce gets younger, fewer and fewer employees will be reading those mass emails.

Our business practices, when it comes to internal communications, are old. Some go back more than a century. How many people in today’s workforce know what CC on an email stands for? What about BCC? Those two abbreviations, which stand for carbon copy and blind carbon copy respectively, come from the days when business letters were typed on typewriters using carbon paper to create copies. Those two abbreviations served the exact same functions then as they do now — people who were cc’d got a copy of the letter, while those who were bcc’d got a copy but were unable to see a list of the other recipients. Carbon paper was invented in the 1800s. Isn’t it time we updated the way we communicate at work?

In real world we use different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, etc to reach people whereas at work we are still restricted to use emails. We are still behind in terms of communication at workplace because of this gap. This is also somewhere affecting the productivity of employees because there is no proper link between them where they can update all the tasks. In order to overcome this gap there's a need of a new internal communication process at work to bring all the employees together.

The demand for an effective communication strategy at workplace is growing rapidly. This demand has also forced many services like Google Pay to enable communication chat feature in their mobile app. It is a great thing to follow the traditional way of communication but managers must adapt Office Chat App to provide best internal communication solutions that can lead towards productivity, growth and success of the industry.

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Problems with traditional office communication solutions

1. Problem with phone calls :

In urgency employees most of the time communicate with their clients or stakeholders over phone calls. But, do you know why calls are the most inefficient way of communication?

Reaching to your clients/ stakeholders/ colleagues over phone calls can be best way of communication but sometimes we face network issues due to which we miss out on important information given by someone over call.

We cannot remember most of the things communicated over a phone call. There must be a written record of an information received by stakeholders/clients/employees to avoid complications which is not possible during phone calls.

2. Problem with emails :

We receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis and it becomes very difficult for us to organize and pay attention to important ones. We have even seen, important emails getting received in junk box instead of inbox hence many of them are missed by us. That amount of email is overwhelming; a recent study from Adobe found people spend 3.3 hours a day checking their work email. The study found they’re checking work email every few hours, no matter where they are: the gym, vacation, even formal ceremonies.

While they might be reading their email from bed or the treadmill, and responding to urgent work messages — client requests, or emails about projects that need their attention right now — they are probably not spending a lot of time on company announcements and other boring internal communications. In fact, although 77 percent of employees do open their internal email, only about 34 percent are reading those internal messages, according to a survey by PoliteMail.

Emails are not real time. You cannot track the person's availablity. Communication over emails always take time as a result this delays the operational work. This doesn’t necessarily mean that email is going to die out immediately. Everyone uses email right now because they have to. But there is a shift happening. According to the Adobe study, older workers — those aged 35 and up — are more likely to use email. But not their younger colleagues.

3. Millennials don’t communicate like other generations :

Millennials have a love affair with messaging unmatched by any other generation. They grew up with chat — many of them remember AOL Instant Messenger fondly — and they continue to use chat in their daily lives to talk to one another. According to Gallup, texting is the preferred form of communication among Americans younger than 50. When they come to work, however, they’re forced to email like the dinosaurs.

That disconnect should be a point of interest for any manager concerned about employees who aren’t reading or absorbing internal communications; the oldest millennials will be 37 in 2018. By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce, according to a report by Ernst & Young. Employees who remember what life — and work — was like before messaging will be in the minority.

If managers want to engage these younger employees and ensure they’re reading announcements, they’ll have to change the way they reach out to them. Millennials chat and text outside of work, using apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, but when they come to work, they have to email like their older colleagues.

Benefits of Office Chat App at workplace

1. Social Media has changed everything!

Communicating to people in real life has become more easier than at work place. We find more confortable talking to someone over messenger or WhatApp than email.

Traditional way of communication literally disconnects us with the real world. That disconnect must be a point of interest for any manager concerned about internal communication.

If employeer want to engage their employees and ensure they are reading all announcements timely then they will have to change the way they reach out to them.

Why to restrict employees to use only emails when there is Office Chat App availble for conveniency and ease. These users truly enjoy messaging as well; 76 percent said mobile messaging has improved their lives. One in two users says it’s improved their relationships with others, according to Facebook.

2. Office Chat App is the future of office communication solutions!

We all know that people of new generation are the biggest chatters. Majority of people prefer to chat rather than call or email.

More people are using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc to connect with each other, and that usage is on the rise; more than three-quarters of the world’s smartphone users are using mobile messaging apps as on date. The usage is projected to increase in the coming years.

According to the report of Facebook, more than 1 billion people use Messenger every month. These users truly enjoy messaging. Mobile messaging has improved lives of many people. And, of course, we know, chat is a lot more fun than an email.

3. Communication should be fun at work!

Messages from boss, stakeholders and colleagues shouldn’t be boring. Majority of employees are not engaged at work because they lack interest for traditional way of communication. Managers should find out ways to engage their employees for communication.Managers must try customize Office Chat App availble in the market.

According to studies only few numbers of employees are engaged at work. These employees love their jobs, feel they have got open source of communication with their managers, and understand their roles in the organization. Other employees either hate their jobs or not getting a proper platform to open up in the environment, waiting for better opportunity to present themselves.

Those who are less engaged, are looking for jobs that share their values and management to keep them in loop. Studies show that leadership of the organization plays an important role. Managers should adopt a proper model to fix engagement problem.

4. Bringing everyone on the same page with office Chat App

Chat is one of the greatest tools for 2 way communication with team members.

But what about company official mails? Long, dull and boring. No one would like to read them. The leadership of a large corporation can’t message every employee individually to make sure they’ve read new information.

There is a way internal messages can be sent to everyone through chats.

As per studies, many companies are seeing the benefits of using chats. Half of the businesses will spend more on chats creation apps than on the development of traditional apps.

Office Chat App is the future of communication at work. By simply talking to your employees the way they want to be talked to, you can engage your workforce and increase your company’s productivity.

Companies are seeing the benefits of using chatbots. Gartner predicts that by 2021, half of the businesses will spend more on chatbot creation than on the development of traditional apps. There’s a good reason for that; a Hubspot experiment found the open rate of Facebook Messenger broadcasts were 242 percents better than emails containing the same content. Facebook’s study found that individuals enjoy messaging their favorite brands.

That enthusiasm can be absolutely be channeled into internal communications; employees would welcome friendly reminders to turn in a time card, or quick check-ins, asking if they’re ready for the launch of a new sales campaign. And best of all for managers, chatbots can tell them who has read each message, who has responded, and who needs a reminder.

Chat — and chatbots — are the future of communication at work. By simply talking to your employees the way they want to be talked to, you can engage your workforce and increase your company’s productivity.

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