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Mobile App Development Process

Each day thousands of mobile apps are published to the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Some of these mobile apps are games, others are social networks, and many are ecommerce apps. All of these apps, if professionally built, should follow a similar mobile app development process. At moPharma, we have built over 100 web and mobile apps and in this article I will outline the strategy, design, and development processes we follow.
Each app is different and our methodologies are always evolving, but this is a fairly standard process when developing mobile apps. This mobile app development process typically includes idea, strategy, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases.

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Are Top Mobile App Development Companies in India, Cost Effective?

In today’s business climate of increasing globalisation, it's a matter of no surprise that top companies are practicing offshore outsourcing as a part of their overall business strategy. Outsourcing software development is here to stay as an IT trend which has evolved, grown, matured and is living up to and outgrowing its potential.

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10 Tips, Outsourcing to: Mobile App Development Company in India

Are you facing challenges when outsourcing your company’s software development? Here are nine simple steps that’ll help you succeed.
1. Aim for longer-term contracts:
If you want better services, I’d advise you to seek long-term contracts. This allows the outsourced team to put dedicated resources into your project. The team will also know your business inside out, which makes them more motivated about your project’s success. They’ll perform better as a result. On the other hand, short-term engagements may be cheaper, but won’t guarantee you the expected outcome by the deadline..

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33 Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free

Working in a mobile app development company has given me the unique opportunity to work with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs. Many of them have shared stories of investing large amounts of time and money to make their app the best it can be.
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Adult Vaccination Test App

Every year, more and more people of all ages are falling sick, either due to a disease or a pre-existing condition. Vaccination is a proven method of preventive care as they are known to produce antibodies to fight various diseases. However, it is essential that you have the support of medical experts who can guide you along the way. Read More
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5 Tips for Building Your IT Infrastructure From Scratch

Successful businesses rely on a multitude of hardware, software, and service solutions to power their operations. But without prior IT experience, putting these products in place can be a daunting task.
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6 Phases of Software Development Life-Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle is a term that explains the phases of creating a software component that integrates with software components to create the whole system.
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10 Steps, Software Implementation Plan, in Detail by

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how the bAnalyst Plan and Training fits in with the overall software project implementation. To do this, I thought it best to take a moment to break down the anatomy of a large software implementation project.
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What Software People Do...

Software Person is a good Craftsman
software engineer at moPharma knows and uses design patterns, actively refactors code, writes unit tests and religiously seeks simplicity.
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7 Tips for a Successful Software Project, by bAnalyst

I come from an engineering background and know that even within tech companies, there are a lot of screwed up projects run by managers who don't fully understand the intricacies of software development. Based on these experiences, I've come up with a list of things one should understand before agreeing to go ahead with a software project.
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8 Tips: How to Choose the Right Software Vendor?

Presenting the Analysis of, what top-best-managers says about:
How do you choose the right software (or app) Vendor for your organisation?
How do you sort through the marketing and sales hype?
And how can you tell which vendor will be with you for the long duration?
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10 Top Secret Tips from Effective Project Managers

We spoke with several seasoned pros to learn about the best skills and tools for effective project management. These top secret tips will put you ahead of the curve in this transitioning field
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10 Advantages of PMP certification

When you earn a PMP certification, you show peers, supervisors and clients your commitment to profession, PMP's code of ethics and your ability to perform the function of a project management practitioner to certain level.

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6 Tips: Business Analysis

Every software project is unique and there’s no guarantee that the approach or strategy that works well for one project will work for another. There are however, some basic guidelines business analysts can adopt to add value to software projects
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4 Core Competencies n General Skills:Business Analyst

Professional business analysts play a critical role in a companys productivity, efficiency and profitability. Important skill sets range from communication and interpersonal skills to problem-solving and critical thinking. Business analyst skills can hone their skills through executive education programs and eventually earn a Certified Business Analysis Profession (CBAP), certification by the International Institute of Business Analysis. Read More
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3 Best Business-Analysis Practices by IT-Head

Business analysis roles in software development projects or enterprises can vary surprisingly. How do you know what your personal role entails?
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What if we Transform all your Team-Members in to Good Software bAnalyst?

Every team-member can suggest a great software system, which will increase the performance at least 5 times and reduce the cost at least to half. Place your comments to know:- HOW?
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Why bAnalysts Are So Important for Organisational-Success?

Everyone agrees on the importance of the business analyst role, but very few know exactly what it is that business analysts should do."
many different breeds of business analysts, each native to a particular silo within the enterprise, and each focused on addressing the most critical concerns within that silo" Read More
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Every Employee as bAnalyst, to implement Software-Systems

Planning to implement software system within your organisation? bAnalyst provides you with the list of basic-skills to learn to become bAnalyst
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Agile Technologies and Business Analysis Should Walk Hand in Hand

Let me, answer some questions regarding bAnalyst in general and how it can be mixed with Agile methodologies, in order to maximise the potential of both.
What do Business Analysis and Agile methodologies have in common?
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5 Tips to Improve Computer Skills (for your team)

I often get asked, “How did you learn so much about computers?”
My answer is, "I learned most of my knowledge and skills through online research."
That answer is often met with blank stares because it seems like such an impossible task. But this week, I’ll teach you 5 easy tips that anyone can follow to become more computer savvy!
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Network Marketing

Network Marketing is Good way to Earn. (But with Best of the Guidance and with Best of the Company/Products)
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"Brand" needs: Mobile-App, for better connection with people.

The moPharma Path to Purchase study is a comprehensive report that measures what consumers do on their mobile devices and captures actual preferences and behaviors. This study allows marketers to identify, understand, and engage with consumers along their journey.
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Sleep for Top Performance

When it comes to athletic performance, many people think the combination of diet and training is the key to success. Conscious eating and physical conditioning are crucial to strong performance as an athlete, but what if we told you sleep is equally as important?
It’s true! Quality sleep at night is often the key to winning the day, for everyone from the pros to the rec league basketball player and the weekend 5k racer.
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Job Search in Recession: 10 Tips

Focusing your efforts on jobs in growing industries and demonstrating how your work has generated revenue are just two simple ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the job seekers competing for positions in a down economy.
With the U.S. economy inching closer to a recession, the job market is changing dramatically. Competition for jobs is heating up as an increasing number of skilled professionals, laid off from their companies, flood the market. Firms are reconsidering their hiring plans as they wait for the softening economy to firm up. And while the Internet has made it easier than ever for job seekers to post their resumes, that convenience has made it harder for candidates to stand out. Even the basics of a job search—resumes, cover letters, interviews and negotiations—have changed as a result of the economy. It's no longer an employee's market, and job seekers have to adapt accordingly—sometimes in radical ways that benefit employers more than job seekers.
If you're tired of struggling to find a job and don't want an economic slowdown to hurt your chances of landing a new one, follow the best practices outlined in this story for conducting a job search when times are tight. Read More

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