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mDetailer™ on the iPad: a successful sales rep journey

mDetailer™ in healthcare refers to the use of interactive media such as a tablet to facilitate sales presentations to physicians. In other words, this happens when a sales rep takes in a smart device presentation to specific clients, walk them through it and hopefully leaves with a contract in its pocket.

To reach this desired result, its mDetailer™ tool should have the following features:

  1. It should work offline. Wireless networks everywhere is not a standard yet. Especially in some hospital basements or far remote regions.
  2. It should be intuitive. The human attention span amounts to 87 seconds. Within this time a message must be shared with the audience.
  3. It must be portable. A tablet is a light device. As such, it enables to reach more prospects in a more efficient way.
  4. It must be deployed for a worldwide download.Mobile app development, Digital applications are made available on an appstore. Any sales rep can connect to it and download the selected app.

  5. A closed-loop marketing (CLM) add-on can be embedded in the apps. Time spent by the audience on each dashboard page and which sliders and boxes are mostly activated can be recorded. This enables to track the audience preferences and the sales performances.
  6. Versioning and updates should be controlled. An excel file (sent and attached in an email) can be modified and the original model owner has no control on it. On the opposite, an mobile development app is by essence protected against any unwilling changes. As the sales audience might change and the scientific literature might evolve, the model owner needs to update the mobil development app. A cloud system needs to be set up. This enable the model owner to reflect the changes in the excel model into the software development applications.

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mDetailer™ on the iPad: a successful sales rep journey

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