Pharma Digital Marketing

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Can Pharma Really Use Digital Marketing to Engage with Customers?

We know that everyone is using the internet these days, with more than 50% of the global population accessing it with mobile devices. Health care providers (HCPs) are part of this trend, and it is estimated that HCPs now spend more time on home computers than work computers. This means the audience is available for much more than eight hours a day. Read More
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9 Ways Digital Marketing Benefits Pharma

By entering into digital ecosystem pharma will not have to scout around for potential leads or clients. Yet, most Pharma companies are in a dilemma whether to go ahead with digital engagement or not. This decision will be easier if we look at the advantages it provides. Read More
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5 Must Haves While Initiating Digital Pharma Marketing

Pharma sector needs a comprehensive strategy backed with the structured plan to engage with doctors through digital marketing. However, just making the strategy will not help Pharma companies. The strategy needs to be backed with the properly planned workflow and processes that can ensure the effective implementation of digital initiatives. While shifting from traditional channels to digital channels, a lot of process, systems will change. Some of them will change drastically, whereas some others will have a minuscule effect on them. In order to get these things done efficiently 5 key things are must for any Pharma company.Here they are: Read More
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Pharma Digital Marketing: Time to start thinking outside the box

It took a while, but the Pharma industry is finally becoming aware that digital approaches may hold the key to transforming the way they market drugs and interact with their customers. Several factors are converging that Pharma companies can no longer ignore. Consumers are becoming accustomed to more customization, personalization and mobility when interacting with companies, and they expect it regardless of the industry. Read More
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3 Digital Tips for Pharma Companies

Here are three things that a pharma or medical device company should consider when going with a third-party digital partner: 1. Make sure the message is on-target 2. Make sure the message is customer-centric 3. Make sure the message is mobile accessible Read More
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6 ways digital is changing the pharma and healthcare industry

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rapidly coming to terms with digital technology. New tech companies are entering the market and existing players have had to up their game, across marketing, sales and operations. If you're relatively new to pharma, like me, here's a summary of just some of the biggest trends. Read More
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4 Digital Strategies Every Pharma Marketer Should Know to Engage with Busy HCP’s

Today’s physicians may be busy but that doesn’t mean that they are unreachable. It just means that pharma marketers need to find new tactic for reaching physicians.Here are five digital pharmaceutical marketing strategies you can use to reach physicians that still work. And work well. Read More
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5 Things Pharma Must Have For Great Digital Strategy

A survey of global Pharma marketers by COUCH in 2014 indicated that 92% of Pharma marketers were unsatisfied with their company’s digital implementation. The survey also indicated that the biggest lacunas were in the areas of expertise, creativity, and innovation. Here are the 5 key points that Pharma companies need to include when designing and implementing the digital strategy? Read More
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How pharma can benefit from a digital marketing strategy

Research has found that the average Peoples goes to the doctor three times a year but spends 52 hours online searching for health information. We all want medical advice fast and we are happy to consult an array of sources including friends and family, social media, news outlets, blogs, Wikipedia, pharma company websites and everything in between. Read More
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Where Pharma Digital Marketers Are Failing

New, interesting digital technologies, platforms and applications can keep many marketers chasing after the latest shiny object. There’s always an interesting new platform to explore and you can collect more data than ever before. Here we will discuss Four Core Areas Where Pharma Digital Strategy Teams Could Improve Their Performance Read More
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Where Pharma Digital Marketers Are Failing

This article will make you aware of the pitfalls Pharma companies commonly face and may land up in crisis. As we already know, Pharma companies are late in adopting digital marketing initiatives, crisis often turns into a failure. Understanding of these pitfalls can prepare Pharma marketers and top executives to drive their initiatives in this unknown territory. Read More
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Digital Age – A Boon for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

During the past decade, India has witnessed drastic change in the organizational behavior of different businesses. With the digital age, most industries have set up their businesses online, and even a few of the pharmaceutical companies have entered into the digital world, while many other pharma companies are still trying to organize their online marketing strategy. Read More
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Pharma digital marketing companies too is getting crucial due to growing competitions. As the need of medicines, syrups, capsules are becoming a daily need more and more companies are now engaging themselves by entering in pharma industries as manufacturer or as a franchisee. As this industry is on boom and is expected to grow more due the demand of its product there is a certain need to market and advertise them more. Read More
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How to increase digital marketing ROI in the pharma?

It is important to note that ROI of digital marketing in this industry may not be tangible in the sense that you will see a direct increase in sales for your product in the present (though there are exceptions). The importance of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry lies in building brand reputation and long-term sustainable growth as a company. Below we will discuss increasing campaign ROI Read More
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5 Ways Digital has Reshaped Pharma Marketing

The new digital transformation in pharmaceutical marketing companies bringing both challenges and opportunities for pharma marketers. If you are finding it difficult to adapt to the big changes in healthcare marketing, don’t worry. Here’s a blog to guide you through the digital transformation in pharma. It will help you find your way through pharma marketing trends of tomorrow. Read More
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Top strategies in digital marketing for pharma

Digital marketing is going to change drastically in 2019. And sadly, you aren’t going to like a lot of the changes. And no, I don’t mean change from a competition standpoint. You already know that each year marketing gets more expensive and more competitive. Read More
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5 Ways Chatbots Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Brands cannot afford to ignore the chatbot invasion. Here are five ways Chatbots Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Read More
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Pharma marketing trends 2019: what to expect and how to evolve

new tech trends and breakthroughs lie further to embrace. Let’s unveil some upcoming trends pharma marketers should stay up-to-date with. Read More

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