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Pharma marketing trends 2019: what to expect and how to evolve

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new tech trends and breakthroughs lie further to embrace. Let’s unveil some upcoming trends pharma marketers should stay up-to-date with.
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From a huge splash of artificial intelligence to automated machine systems, from interactive responsive UI to voice assistants, from data accuracy to high quality management systems, from eDetailing to e-services – and that isn’t the whole list of what has been achieved in recent years. So, time to move on! What is going to reshape pharmaceutical marketing and be on the radar in the upcoming year of 2019? As 2018 has almost gone by, new tech trends and breakthroughs lie further to embrace. Let’s unveil some upcoming trends pharma marketers should stay up-to-date with:


1. Smart multichannel mix – Time to keep a strategic mindset

Digital communications are rapidly moving further. Customers are becoming more and more in control of their digital experiences – technologies are expected to respond to their deepest concerns and provide options when they need them most. In fact, 59% of U.S. online shoppers expect their healthcare customer service to be as good as Amazon. Within a new digital reality, patients expect to not only receive quality information but also be educated through it.

Physicians have already made patient-centric approach their priority so pharma and healthcare are keeping up with them. Internet-savvy physicians are no longer an emerging group – nearly all physicians are online for professional purposes weekly or more often.

The trend of using online resources via multiple channels is going to increase significantly. Smart multichannel approach is gradually affecting HCPs-med rep relationships as well. Receiving any medical updates or products info might be easily done at any time via Internet. As a result, here come more relevant digital solutions pharma can offer – live videos, interactive detailing and e-sampling. It seems unlikely you’ll see a high-performing med rep with no interactive presentation on his/her tablet.

2. Step on Big tech – Mobile generation

Pharma made a significant shift towards using mobile technologies over the past few years. Throughout a day doctors have an ability to access any clinical information just using their smartphone. In order to get the latest sources or to find any info, just a button click is required. That grants physicians with an opportunity to be focused on more complicated tasks and leave their easy ones to be solved by smart technologies. Sounds promising? Huge transformations in healthcare and pharma industry continue to evolve through virtual and mobile experiences.

What lies ahead? NextGen reality fully equipped with leading edge devices. Therefore, much superior pharma online services – greater customer experiences.

3. New perspective of social media networks

Pharma companies should no longer consider content marketing and social media as add-ons. Social media networks might be a great enabler for pharma companies in terms of deepening relationships with potential customers. Thanks to their advantages, pharma can reach very specific types of audiences throughout the world and deliver them qualified content exactly when and where they most need it. Bear in mind that patients have a choice to do their personal medical research on whatever platform they prefer. Beyond question, people often trust what they read no matter whether it’s proven scientifically or not. Thus, digital and social media platforms are ideally to be highly regulated. According to the current FDA regulations and multiple restrictions, pharma isn’t allowed just simply join a conversation. As a result, a large amount of information can be both imprecise and adverse.

Therefore, it’s interesting to observe how pharma companies are developing their brand and comply with regulatory requirements. Armed with sufficient analytics, more and more companies will have an opportunity to supply value (including beyond-the-pill offers) specifically to any type of audience. Simply put, great customer service is impossible without highly regulated work of social platforms. If the company wants to remain relevant, no chance those networks could be neglected.

4. Going beyond the traditional scope – From Big Data to IoT and edge computing

IoT has the potential to completely transform and revolutionize pharma marketing sector. Now, data can often be processed not in the cloud, but inside an IoT device itself. Small, tiny gadgets will be able to process dozens of information in real-time all by themselves. The newest medical technologies have already shown what a huge difference it can make on the future of healthcare and life sciences. More and more analysts and stakeholders are talking about how edge computing will change the way healthcare and pharma industry works.

SaaS (software-as-service) grants pharma companies a quick solution, where all the required services might be used from any device at any location. According to Insights Pharma Reports, almost 50% of all pharma manufacturers are currently using a form of cloud-based infrastructure, or are about to consider it.

5. From complex to simple – Coherent omnichannel approach

Summarizing the above, the future of pharma marketing lies in collaborating hand in hand with digital technologies. No matter how far the progress is, machines and devices are here not to replace but supplement human intelligence.

Pharma industry is rapidly getting more omnichannel-oriented. In order to increase revenue and boost customer experience, new software advancements are in demand. Powerful integration with CRM system creates seamless experiences for marketers and grants them the ability to think beyond the old traditional marketing methods. Within eWizard platform, achieving your strategic goals will be much easier task to handle. More agile, transparent and patient-centric approach – isn’t it what are we waiting for in the forthcoming year? Eager to receive more information regarding our products and services? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

Learn Digital Marketing Courses Specialised for Pharma Sector

By now, I believe, that you have a fair idea why Digital Marketing is important for pharma sector. Some pharma companies have not yet fully embraced the digital revolution and changing times, while others have. Well, you should understand that it doesn’t matter to the patients out there, the patients are increasingly expecting, and rightly so, and demanding the pharma and healthcare industry to engage themselves and provide end-to-end services.

The pharma companies that are aligned to changing times, and are using digital mediums, are also the ones reaping the benefits. Big prizes are waiting for those who can cut through all the digital noise and come-up with sustained competitive advantage using digital mediums. The others will also align soon or go out of business.

There are different ways to learn digital marketing. You can teach yourself using online material and tutorials, or you can Learn Digital Marketing from a Reputed Training Institute. These training institutes have highly experienced professionals and provide you focused and personalized training with lot of live assignments, and also provide you guidance for your placements. There are digital marketing courses specialized specifically for pharma sector.

So, go ahead, learn Digital Marketing and shine on!


-Pharma must be in the conversation so to know how to develop better drugs.

-Digital marketing offers many ways to communicate with customers (HCPs and patients).

-Pharma must offer great content that interests customers and helps them do their jobs better. This type of content is easier to approve, less risky and leads to better long-term customer loyalty.

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Pharma marketing trends 2019: what to expect and how to evolve


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