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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.

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12 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

The following 12 reasons will show you why the use of digital marketing is not only investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing channel that can help you grow your business.

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how do you set smart seo goals for your team/agency/project?

Are you sure that your current SEO goals are the best fit for your organization? It's incredibly important that they tie into both your company goals and your marketing goals, as well as provide specific, measurable metrics you can work to improve. In this edition we outline how to set the right SEO goals for your team and shares two examples of how different businesses might go about doing just that.

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Does Digital Marketing Work for All Businesses? B2B and B2C?

Digital marketing can work for any business in any industry. Regardless of what your company sells, digital marketing still involves building out buyer personas to identify your audience's needs, and creating valuable online content. However, that's not to say that all businesses should implement a digital marketing strategy in the same way.

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Want a Successful Website? Consider These Factors

What does it take to make a successful website? For most businesses and brands, it won't happen quickly or easily. It will take time, effort, and resources. But that doesn't mean you'll need a huge budget to effectively compete. A successful website is monitored, measured, and improved over time.

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Why Content Marketing Is a Fool-Proof SEO Strategy Today

The search engine optimization (SEO) market changes all the time. As search engines implement smarter algorithms, it's not enough to produce low-quality content in the hope that it sways crawlers to your favor. In fact, SEO now requires human touch, as well as more financial and creative resources than ever before.

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Getting it done: how to overcome common link building blockers

In particular, content-driven link building is hard because you're hoping the idea and execution you've come up with is strong enough to attract links.

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5 content distribution strategies for 2018

So, you've created tons of content, but you still aren't gaining any atraction. What gives? Columnist Sherry Bonelli explains how doing more with your existing content can help it reach its full potential.

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9 Predictions for SEO in 2018

In 2017, we saw the start of a concerning trend � fewer clicks being generated by Google search on desktop and mobile. I don't think that was a blip. In my estimation, Google's actions around featured snippets, knowledge panels, and better instant answers in the SERPs overall, combined with more aggressive ads and slowing search growth (at least in the United States), will lead to there being slightly less SEO opportunity in 2018 than what we had in 2017.

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How to reach consumers while protecting their privacy

The debate surrounding probabilistic versus deterministic cross-device tracking is nothing new. But with the rapidly evolving online landscape and technological capabilities, and with customers increasingly engaging across multiple devices, brands and agencies should be having a different conversation:

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How to identify industry influencers and why you should

Influencer marketing has a huge potential to deliver lasting results for many companies, but only if it's approached carefully and deliberately. The May 2017 SLC|SEM gathering brought in a couple specialists in this area to discuss this topic and talk about how one might identify influencers and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

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How to Prepare Your Business for the Voice Search Revolution

Remember when it was considered weird to use a Bluetooth device in public? Back then, the last thing people wanted was for others to think they were ranting to themselves on the street.

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10 Effective Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers

Savvy online marketers will tell you "the money's in the list!" but that's not entirely true. What they should be saying is that the money's in the quality of the list, rather than the quantity of subscribers.

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Why Customer Behavior is Key to Unlocking Growth

As expectations about brand interactions continue to rise, and customers place more emphasis on experiences, relying on actual trends in your customers behavior as your north star for decision-making can help you to gain a competitive edge.

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Should you keep your best content on your site or send it away?

Recently, I've had some very enjoyable discussions with other search engine optimization specialists (SEOs) about where to place promotional content.

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Four trends driving conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), or improving a website to increase the percentage of visitors who convert and become customers, has become a critical part of improving ecommerce site performance and is also practiced by many brand marketing teams.

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6 Unexpected Trends in 2018 Social Media Research

2018 social media research is teaching us at least one thing: This may be the year that social media changed forever.

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SEO Risks to take and SEO Risks to avoid

Many business people have a hard time seeing the value of SEO, and we understand that. There is a lot of information and misinformation out there about search engine optimization, and it can really increase the difficulty of this decision.

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How to write for SEO

Remember the good old days of SEO, when all that you really needed to have "valid SEO content" was a certain number of words crossed with a certain percentage targeted keywords and punctuated by a few words linking to targeted pages?

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It's time to start doing S.M.A.R.T. SEO

A lot of people make some pretty serious resolutions at the beginning of the year.Unfortunately, most of us have given up on them by the time February rolls around. (Some estimates say at least 80% of people have given up on their goals by the second month.)

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Why people are afraid of SEO?

If you're a small business owner, you have likely heard at least one person suggest that you learn SEO (search engine optimization) and implement an online strategy for your business.

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3 common url problems and how to fix them

As I've said in a previous post, SEO can be broken down into a couple of main categories: Content, Architecture, and Links. I think most people understand the importance of building content and getting links, but there are a lot of larger and poorly built sites that struggle with some fundamental problems their URL structure.

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Why Your Business Needs Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is marketing done through different channels in order to reach as many people as possible. While most businesses are on social media, some also do traditional advertising through television and the radio. You can even combine direct mailings with social media and e-mail marketing.

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3 Ways Big Data Can Transform Marketing

Big data has been touted as a transformative element for many businesses, and it is clear to see why. Across industries and sectors, big data has the potential to help companies drive long-term success for businesses in a far more targeted manner than ever before.

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How pharma can benefit from a digital marketing strategy

In 2015 many pharmaceutical firms companies still remain concerned about managing or creating social and Pharma Digital Marketing Strategies. Some of them may have not yet fully embraced the new channels and digital revolution.

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How to create the perfect ad with audience targeting

As search marketers, we are well aware of the power of audience targeting. We got a taste of it with remarketing, which blew away our conversion rates and left us scrambling to restructure campaigns.

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4 ways Digital Marketing can help Police Departments

Everyone understands that the quality of a police department, its officers and its command staff is in no way reflected by the number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans the department has, or any other unit of social media measurement.

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The importance of targeting branded searches

Search experts understand the importance of targeting non-branded search terms: Optimizing for high-volume, non-branded terms can drive a significant amount of traffic to your brand’s site.

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5 Tools and Techniques to help you improve your blogging today

There's no doubt about it. Blogging is a tried and true method of increasing site traffic and conversion rates. A blog has so much versatility, it's one of the most important tools you can use to develop a community and maintain a steady stream of website traffic.

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Google releases speakable markup for news publishers interested in Google Assistant

Google has released new markup and schema aimed at bringing more news content to the Google Assistant and Google Home devices.

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Smart content execution will net a lot of inbound links

There can be many reasons for a lackluster campaign. Sometimes you can figure out why things didn’t go well, sometimes you can’t. One thing I always look into is how well a content idea was executed.

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10 Effective Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers

Savvy online marketers will tell you "the money's in the list!" but that's not entirely true. What they should be saying is that the money's in the quality of the list, rather than the quantity of subscribers.

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How to project SEO traffic levels and avoid saying, 'It depends'

"It depends" is the typical response by a search engine optimization specialist (SEO) to questions about traffic projections and is a top response that infuriates management.

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Mobile Friendly Digital Marketing: More Than a Software Fix

Web-enabled smartphones are becoming a ubiquitous commodity. When people carry such devices on their person, more likely than not, they will use them to access the Internet rather than waiting until they’re in front of a desktop computer or laptop.

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15 checks you should make when choosing a link partner

Most websites don’t “just” accrue links on their own if they are focused on ranking; they use some sort of link-building tactic to attract them.

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Does your company's size affect your seo strategy?

Maybe you're that small mom and pop shop which started over 30 years ago or maybe you just launched you first entrepreneurial enterprise.

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How to use domain names for marketing

Although many small businesses do just fine with using one domain name, companies of all sizes can certainly benefit from registering multiple domain names as part of their domain name strategy. Having multiple domain names can provide sound marketing opportunities to engage your customers and to help grow your business.

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The 7 biggest trends driving customer loyalty

We know that everyone is using the internet these days, with more than 50% of the global population accessing it with mobile devices. Health care providers (HCPs) are part of this trend, and it is estimated that HCPs now spend more time on home computers than work computers.

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9 Predictions for SEO in 2018

The total number of organic clicks Google refers will drop by ~5% by the end of the year.

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Writing clickable titles that don't get accused of being clickbait

If you've spent any time online, chances are you've seen those obnoxious hyperlinked titles that go along the lines of "you won't believe what so-and-so looks like now" or "buy your amazing X for only $X here" or "15 things the government doesn't want mortgage owners to know."

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Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

As 2019 approaches, the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is witnessing a dramatic shift. There may have been a time when you could’ve dismissed artificial intelligence or visual search as gimmicks from the latest blockbuster science fiction film, but that time is long gone.

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019

Digital marketing is going to change drastically in 2019. And sadly, you aren’t going to like a lot of the changes. And no, I don’t mean change from a competition standpoint. You already know that each year marketing gets more expensive and more competitive.

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How To Do Digital Branding Like An Expert

Digital marketing is going to change drastically in 2019. And sadly, you aren’t going to like a lot of the changes. And no, I don’t mean change from a competition standpoint. You already know that each year marketing gets more expensive and more competitive.

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Voice Search: How to Optimize for Voice Search SEO Strategies

With voice search on the rise, is your digital marketing strategy ready? Read more on the moPharma blog for the latest updates on voice search and the best SEO tips for your business.

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Video Marketing Trends in 2019

Every day, people watch billions of videos. Bloomberg reports that 10 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every day, TechCrunch reports that 8 billion

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Video SEO – Optimizing Content for an Increasingly-Visual World

This guide has everything you need to know about video SEO. So if you want to rank your videos on YouTube and Google, you’re in the right place. Keep reading

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How to Think About SEO 2019

Don’t you hate how it takes forever to get results when it comes to SEO? Everyone says it takes 6 months to a year and even in some cases many years to see results. Well, I have some bad news and some good news for you. Let’s start with the bad news…

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Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions In 2019

Is your bounce rate too high? Want to reduce your bounce rate? Here are tips to reduce your bounce rate and boost your conversions.

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3 Steps To Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Voice Search SEO - Voice search is growing rapidly, especially among B2B search queries, millennials, and teens. Learn how to optimize your presence in search for voice search with this guide on Voice SEO.

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20 New Things in Digital Marketing in March 2019

Let us take a ride to the world of internet and discover the latest digital marketing updates that have shaped up this March 2019.

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How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing Industry

Want a rewarding Career in Digital Marketing in 2019? Find ✓Top Job Roles, ✓Skills, ✓Salaries, ✓Career Resources & more. Check Now!

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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019

Explore the 5 social media trends sure to captivate your audience in 2019: UGC, videos, messengers and chatbots, AR, and transparency.

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Digital Marketing Career for Engineers

Marketing for Engineers? Sounds weird, isn't it? Not really! In India, Engineering as a career option has always attracted a larger number of students.

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How Viral Video Can Make Your Marketing Awesome

Viral Videos hold the potential of skyrocketing popularity overnight. Read more to know how Viral Video can make your marketing awesome.

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what is viral marketing - Viral Marketing Strategies to Get Massive Traffic

There are times that you get surprised to see a sudden spike in traffic when you check your site’s traffic stats in the morning, and you often wonder where those visitors came from and how you were able to pull it off by accident. Well, what if you can replicate that result whenever you wish to?It’s very possible, given that all it really takes is to have a really awesome content that people will voluntarily share and to have a plan on how you can put that content in front of that particular kind of audience

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what is viral marketing - Viral Marketing Strategies to Get Massive Traffic

Learn how to make successful Email Marketing Strategy. Delve into the components of conversion-driven email campaign. Understand Email Marketing Metrics.

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Digital Marketing Certification Course in Mumbai

Know why Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM) is the most recommended digital marketing certification course offered by moPharma Digital Solution

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Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Are you intrested in a career that's fast-paced,ever changing and ripe with potential for advancement? Then consider a career in DIGITAL MARKETING. DIGITAL MARKETING is one of those rare fields that has so many facets to it and changes so fast that experience is not necessarily a requirement for landing a job but Knowledge is needed

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How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency

Get instant services,top quality and result oriented branding.We deliver top-notchservices with 25/50/75+ professionals,grow your results,Results guaranted. & more. Check Now!

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